How did Deagle know?

I came across this excellent article reprising Deagel’s forecasts in light of vaxx deaths. [for normies: Deagel is a CIA/DeepState front. Back in 2015, they published a 10 year forecast of countries’ populations and GDP. The US & other Western countries were set to lose 2/3rd’s of their population and GDP!]

I knew the stats were out there for %vaxxed by country, so I just had to see if there was a correlation!

Percent vaxxed from Our World in Data. Yes, some countries claimed over 100% vaxxed! I simply picked the most recently reported number for each country. Vertical axis is % population change by 2025 according to Deagle. Data available upon request.

I don’t need to label anything; it’s pretty obvious the Western countries’ populations are expected to shrink in proportion to how much they were expected to be  vaxxed!

Golly, it’s almost like They knew what was coming way back in 2015.

If you fit a line thru the center of the declining countries, 100% dead appears to happen around 110-120% vaxxed. Is that the last vaxx and the next vaxx?

By Kyle

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