The Cost of Illegal Immigration

The real number of illegal migrants in this country is approaching 40 million – 1 for every 8 Americans now.

You might ask where is all this money coming from to pay off all the bad actors involved? There are more US $’s outside the country than inside – both from the trade imbalance and central bank “swaps”. “Officially”, the illegals are costing us about $200 Billion per year ( government budgeted expenditures, crime and enforcement, UN & NGO’s… ) but the real trick is that the official US government budget is fake. The US government has 2 sets of books – the fake public one and a secret real one. They have been creating and spending about twice the amount they officially report. See Dr Mark Skidmore. It’s all “dark money” used to buy people.

Curiously, the US government has given Ukraine about the same $200 Billion since installing its US puppet govt in 2014. Most people are now awake to that money laundering scam, but the illegal invasion is a Ukraine-sized Scam every single year!

By Kyle

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