Blacks are worse off under Obama/Clinton!

I was wondering about how polls could say 95% of black voters are for Killary, when all the numbers says blacks are much worse off now after 6 years of “Democratic leadership”.

Townhall – Blacks worse off under Obama
Expansion of black misery under Obama
National Review – blacks worse off under Obama

I’m thinking what brainwashed chumps! It’s like a litmus test of whether people are living a fantasy when they still support him.

I have heard that Clinton’s “tough sentencing” law in 1994 doubled black incarceration rates, which is true, but they’ve been climbing since Reagan’s Drug War in the early ’80’s. Total rates were declining a little since 2009, but crime started exploding in 2015 and I have not been able to find more recent stats on the rates…

Breitbart – crime spikes in 2015

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