Myers, Jacob W

Birth Name Myers, Jacob W
Gender male
Age at Death 31 years, 2 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1852-02-02 Stormont, Ontario, Canada   1a
Death 1883-04-18 Tom, Benton, MO   2 3a 4a
Event Note

Death in 1887 according to
and from source, died of Measles
Tombstone says Apr 18, 1883

Burial 1883-04-00 Tom, Benton, MO National (Cedar Grove) Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Myers, Daniel Wallace Sr18271873-08-18
Mother Collins, Elizabeth18231899-03-16
    Sister     Myers, Susannah 1848-10-23 1927-11-23
    Sister     Myers, Jennifer Elizabeth 1850-04-18 1920-10-20
         Myers, Jacob W 1852-02-02 1883-04-18
    Sister     Myers, Mary A. 1854-01-26 1925-04-08
    Sister     Myers, Maria L 1855-10-02 1941-05-28
    Brother     Myers, Daniel Wallace Jr 1858-08-21 1918-01-02
    Sister     Myers, Katherine L 1859 1935-01-02
    Brother     Myers, George Wesley 1861-02-06 1935-01-00
    Sister     Myers, Margaret 1863-04-08 1924-06-22


Family of Myers, Jacob W and Harryman, Nancy Susan

Married Wife Harryman, Nancy Susan ( * 1855 + 1929 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1875      
Event Note

per 1910 census


Pretty sure about family. Only know Jacob died in Missouri ~1887. Note in 1880 US Census, his birthdate, country of origin, and mother and father's country of origin are correct. In the census, a daughter shares Jacob's mother's name, a son shares Jacob's father's name, and another daughter is named after his sister, Jennifer.

Home in 1875: Harrison, Nemaha Co, KS - children match 1880!
Home in 1876: Benton Co, Missouri (MO State Census)
Home in 1880: Tom, Benton Co, Missouri
Home in 1885: Arkansas City, Cowley Co, KS - Nancy is a widow
Home in 1900: Burnett, Santa Clara, CA Nancy remarried and living with Jacob

Name Birth Date Death Date
Myers, Elizabeth Rosaline1872-11-101955-10-06
Myers, Daniel Franklin1874-10-251968-07-06
Myers, Jennie A1879before 1900
Myers, Jacob1882before 1918

Source References

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        extract: "Myers Marriages" : Daniel Myers and Elizabeth Collins

        Daniel Myers, was born in Canada in 1827, and grew up a farmer. In 1865 he removed to
        the United States, locating at Des Moines, Iowa, from there went to Missouri and in 1869
        settled in Nemeha County, Kansas. Daniel Myers was also a homesteader in Northern
        Kansas, but in 1870 removed to Cowley County, Kansas, where he continued farming
        until his death in 1873. He was of German descent, his father having come out of
        Germany to Canada. Daniel Myers married Elizabeth Collins, who was born in Ireland
        in 1823 and died in Cowley County, Kansas, in 1899. The Myers children were:
        Susanna, who lives at Winchester Springs, Canada, wife of Thomas Nesbit, a farmer;
        Jacob, who came to Kansas with his parents and died in Missouri in 1887;
        Jennie, born in Canada, April 18, 1850, who became the wife of Patrick H. Franey;
        Mary, who lives at Arkansas City and for the past twenty-six years has been primary teacher in the Fourth Ward School;
        Daniel W., Jr., a retired farmer now living in Kansas City, Missouri;
        Maria, who married A. B. Woolsey, they being one of the first if not the first couple to be married in Cowley County, and after many years of residence in that county they removed to Kildare, Oklahoma, where they now have a farm;
        Katherine, wife of William J. Gray, who has served in the office of constable at Arkansas City for the past forty years;
        [George] Wesley, a very extensive farmer in Nemeha County, Kansas; and
        Margaret, wife of Christopher C. Tubbe, a farmer near Arkansas City.

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