Hicks, John? Jr

Birth Name Hicks, John? Jr
Birth Name Hicks, John Jr
Gender male
Age at Death about 35 years


No proof of marriage between this John Hicks, Jr and Elizabeth Hicks (who went to Jackson Co, TN). This is my best guess at this time based on known associations between the Hicks and Forkums of Surry Co, NC. Confirmed by numerous DNA matches between descendants of John & Caty Hixt.

1810: Surry Co, NC: 1m<10, 4m16-18, f26-44 ( John Hicks, Jr and Caty)

estate sale of Daniel Huffhines in 1816 transcribed as "John Hiset" actually says "John Hixt" -


According to traditional naming convention, "2nd son named after mother's father", his name would be Lewis from Nancy's family. Rule seems to be mostly working in the Green's. Since William died young, name might be John/Simpson (because note fourth son is named after the father). Nancy's 1st daughter is Nancy)
Mary's 2nd son is Joseph B (1st daughter is Nancy)
Lewis's 1st son is Bailey Peyton (2nd daughter is Elizabeth)
Betsy's 2nd son is William (1st daughter is Eliza)
John's 1st son is Lewis E (no daughters)
Abraham's 1st son is James W (2nd daughter is Lou Ellen - 1st is Elizabeth)
In Elizabeth's own family 3rd son is William ( 3rd daughter is Mary Elizabeth)

Sugar Creek (north of Roaring River, present day Jackson Co)
(26/185/5365) 1810 Oct 24 William HIX, 50 acres on Sugar Creek to include Isaac ABNE'S improvement; William HIX, Loc
but this is probably William Morrel Hix who moved to IN by 1820 according to John Morrel.

"I am very interested in this family for many reasons. One of them is that there is evidence that a William Hix or Hicks married Elizabeth Morrel(l) in SC and then moved with other family members to Jackson County, Tennessee. This Elizabeth Morrel(l) was the daughter of William Morrel(l) and Nancy Montgomery. Nancy was the sister of Hamilton Montgomery who had a daughter Lucinda, born about 1793. These folks were all neighbors in the Sugar Creek area of Jackson County, Tennessee. And several of the Morrel(l )children moved early to Perry County, Indiana.
I am aware that many Hicks/Hix researchers say that William Morrell Hicks' wife was Elizabeth Montgomery. Is there documentary evidence for that marriage? The coincidences between the two family lines -- if it is indeed two lines -- are amazing."
[ed. birthdates for this William and Elizabeth are ~1800 and ~1802, or too young! Only marriage of William Hicks and Elizabeth Montgomery are in IL and that Elizabeth b.1809]

Census matches in 1810
William Hicks Caswell, NC ( 2m10-15 m26-34 f<10 f26-45 ) and near several other Hicks

Some similar names in early NC:
Lewis Hicks was in Rev. War militia from Wilmington District, NC - in Onslow, NC 1790
Peyton Hicks served during Civil War from Wake Co, NC
Bailey Hicks from Wake Co, NC -> AL
Another Bailey Hicks b.1788 NC in Rockcastle, then Russell, KY
Abraham Hicks b.1770-1780 in Granville, NC

A Jacob Hicks is next-door neighbor to the Huffines in Yadkin District, Stokes, NC 1810, and had children who married Huffines,

Candidates from land records. From their children's birth places, we know they were in NC in 1819, TN in 1823. The Hix/Hicks in Jackson Co, TN were there in the 1810's and probably unrelated, so we expect a land purchase 1819-1823, and a land sale ( after Mr. Hicks death and before moving to Jackson Co, TN) between 1825-1830. Because Huffines/Forkums were in Carter & Warren, we expect the Hicks to have moved with them. However, the John Hickses who were in Warren Co, TN in 1820 and 1830 Censuses were not him, so hard to say if this might be him:
John Hicks 18 acres Warren/Marion Co, 22 July 1822 (land in Marion Co, registered in Warren)

Brother "Abraham Hix" is recorded every year 1814-1819 in Washington Co, TN Tax Lists, but a "John Hix" shows up only in 1819 , altho in a different district from Abraham and the Huffines. The Washington Co, TN 1820 Census is missing, but William Huffines married Peggy Smith in Carter, next to Washington Co. in 1821

From the will of John Hixt of Surry Co, NC 1806, I am inclined to believe now that his son John Hicks, Jr was the husband of our widow Elizabeth Hicks, who went to Warren with George Hicks and Peter Forkum. The fact that he had a brother named Abraham and a son he named Abraham sure helps too.

John Hixt and William Huffines bought estate inventory of Daniel Huffines in 1816 Surry Co, NC.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1790 North Carolina, USA    
Death between 1825 and 1830 Jackson, TN    
Birth about 1792 Surry, NC    
Event Note

co-executor of his father's will in 1806 implies 18+ years old or born before 1788, but 1810 Census of Surry Co, NC of John Hix hh shows only 4 males 16-18 years old or born 1792 or later.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hicks, John Sr1730-03-151807-05-08
Mother (Hicks), Mary Catherine1751-12-081824-10-07
    Brother     Hicks, Abraham between 1760 and 1770 before 1850
    Brother     Hicks, Jacob about 1781 before 1850
    Sister     Hicks, Elizabeth between 1785 and 1790 about 1828
    Brother     Hicks, Daniel about 1788 about 1839
         Hicks, John? Jr about 1790 between 1825 and 1830
    Sister     Hicks, Margrett about 1795
    Brother     Hicks, George about 1800 1833


Family of Hicks, John? Jr and (Hicks), Elizabeth

Married Wife (Hicks), Elizabeth ( * about 1790 + between 1840 and 1850 )

This family is speculative based on the census. father died before 1830 and Elizabeth had daughters of ages that could have included Nancy. Temperance Hicks is head of household in 1840 and still has several daughters living at home, but 2 of Elizabeth's daughters have left:

Elizabeth Hicks
1830: 3m5-10 1m10-15 f10-15 2f15-20 1f40-50
1840: 3m15-20 f20-30 f40-50

Note numerous trees on ancestry.com claiming to know who Elizabeth married are incorrect.

I've added Lewis to the family because he was born in NC about the same time and Nancy Hicks named a son Lewis. Biography about Lewis Hicks (or Lewis Hix) says he moved with parents and family from NC to Jackson Co, TN about 1816.

Note Abraham born in TN before John born in NC is unlikely, so John prob born earlier.

See tree by Kevin Marsh http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kevinomreb&id=I8856

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hicks, Mary Polly1810between 1860 and 1870
Hicks, Nancy18141888-10-14
Hicks, Lewis1815-03-281896-03-22
Hicks, Mary Elizabeth18171896-01-02
Hicks, John H1819after 1880
Hicks, William1823-12-00between 1900 and 1908
Hicks, Abraham1825after 1880


Type Value Notes Sources
Paternal Haplogroup I-P37
Attribute Note

just a guess based on this Hicks from Surry Co, NC -
122754 William Hicks of Surry Co, NC I-P37

Merged Gramps ID I13980