Woods, Richard 1

Birth Name Woods, Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 64 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1715 Ireland  
Death 1779 Botetourt Co, VA  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woods, Michael
Mother Campbell, Lady_Mary
    Sister     Woods, [Living]
    Brother     Woods, Archibald
    Brother     Woods, Michael Jr
    Sister     Woods, [Living]
    Brother     Woods, John
    Sister     Woods, Margaret
         Woods, Richard
    Brother     Woods, William
    Sister     Woods, Martha
    Brother     Woods, Andrew
    Sister     Woods, Sarah
    Brother     Woods, Samuel


    Family of Woods, Richard
    Family of Woods, Richard
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1770   Marriage of Woods, Richard


Richard Woods:

p. 68. FGS of Michael Woods and Mary Campbell.
Richard b. ca 1715/19 (my conjecture), d. 1777, m1 Elizabeth Campbell (this
is speculation that Elizabeth's maiden name was Campbell), d/o Gilbert
Campbell and Prudence Osran. m2 1770 Jennie.
p. 75. FGS of Richard Woods and Elizabeth Campbell.
Richard Woods b ca 1718 Ireland; d ca 1777 Rockbridge Co., VA, s/o Michael
Woods and Mary Campbell; m1 Elizabeth Campbell, poss dau of Gilbert Campbell
and Prudence Osran; m2 1770 Jennie ?

Vol. 3.
p. 336. 1775. Richard Woods mentioned...
p. 346. 15 March 1757. Richard Woods, gentl., and Elizabeth, of Augusta, to
Richard Wood, son in law of Richard, L25, 195 acres in Fork of James River
and part of track where Richard, grantor, now liveth; cor in Borden's patent
line by James David's field; cor. Peter Wallace; cor. Richard Wood.
p. 348. Richard Woods mentioned...
p. 350. 15 March 1758 Richard Woods and Elizabeth to George Gibson, 200 acres
on North Branch Colyer's Creek.
p. 378. 18 Nov 1760. Richard Woods, of Albemarle, merchant, to Peter Wallace,
of Augusta, farmer, L60, 195 acres in Forks of James River; cor. in Borden's
patent by James Devises Field; cor. Peter Wallace's other land; cor. Richard
Woods, gent. Delivered: Capt. Samuel Lapsley, 17th Aug. 1784.
p. 484. 1767. Richard Woods mentioned...

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GEDCOM re Woods 26 June 1995.
17 Richard Woods b 1715; d 1779; m1 Elizabeth Ann Stuart; m2 Jane/Jenny ?
ch by m1
Benjamin Samuel Richard Jr

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from AOL.
"Descendants of Michael Woods"
10. Richard Woods b 1715 Ireland; d 1779 Botetourt Co., VA; m1 Margaret
Woods, unknown date; m2 Elizabeth A Stuart; m3 Jennie ?.
Richard lived in Rockbridge Co., 2 miles south of Lexington in 1737, was
Sheriff of Botetourt Co. 1771. He had 2 sons unknown names.


  1. Woods, Michael
    1. Campbell, Lady_Mary
      1. Woods, [Living]
      2. Woods, Archibald
      3. Woods, Michael Jr
      4. Woods, [Living]
      5. Woods, John
      6. Woods, Margaret
      7. Woods, Richard
      8. Woods, William
      9. Woods, Martha
      10. Woods, Andrew
      11. Woods, Sarah
      12. Woods, Samuel


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