Woods, Archibald 1

Birth Name Woods, Archibald
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years, 7 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1706-05-11 Newry, , , Ireland  
Death 1768-12-11 Abbeville District, SC  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woods, Michael
Mother Campbell, Lady_Mary
    Sister     Woods, [Living]
         Woods, Archibald
    Brother     Woods, Michael Jr
    Sister     Woods, [Living]
    Brother     Woods, John
    Sister     Woods, Margaret
    Brother     Woods, Richard
    Brother     Woods, William
    Sister     Woods, Martha
    Brother     Woods, Andrew
    Sister     Woods, Sarah
    Brother     Woods, Samuel


    Family of Woods, Archibald
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1733 Lancaster Co., PA Marriage of Woods, Archibald


Archibald Woods:

Vol. 8, Issue 1, Jan 1980.
Query of Sue Nite Raguzin, 5008 Briarbrook, Dickinson, TX 75390.

!RESEARCHER: Carol Mallicoat file 15 Sep 1984.
Archibold Woods, son of Michael Sr., and Lady Mary, was born in Ireland on 11 May 1706. He came to America with his parents in the decade of 1720. He married Isabell Goss (Gass), b 8 Jan 1716. They were the parents of six children. Archibold Woods died in South Carolina on 11 December 1768. He left no will. His wife, Isabell, died on 2 November 1766. Their children were:
Michael, John, Hannah (married James Cowan), Susannah (married John Trimble), Isabella (married James Cosby/Cozby), and Sarah (married Willis Braezeale).

!RESEARCHER: Odessa La Rosh file 9 Jun 1991.
Pedigree chart
Archibald Woods b. 11 May 1706 Newry, Ire; d. 11 Dec 1768 VA, md ca 1734 VA
Isabella Goss b. 8 Jan 1716 PA; d. 2 Nov 1766 VA.
Letter to Odessa from Lester L Edlin, dated 7 Sep 1984...
The marriage of Archibald Woods and Isabell Goss will probably be found in Goochland Co., VA or Lancaster Co., PA.

p. 68. FGS of Michael Woods and Mary Campbell.
Archibald b. May 11, 1706, d. Dec 11, 1768, m abt 1734 to Isabell Goss.
p. 70. FGS of Archibald Woods and Isabella Goss.
Archibald Woods, b. May 11, 1706 Ireland, d. Dec 11, 1768 VA; s/o Michael
Woods and Mary Campbell. m ca 1734 VA Isabella Goss, b. Jan 8, 1716, d. Nov
2, 1766 VA.
8 children listed.
ref: "Michael Woods Age Book" printed by The Virginia Historical Society.
Tenn. Marriage Records.

!RESEARCHER: Ann Holder Holmes file.
GEDCOM re Woods 26 June 1995.
9 Archibald Woods b 11 May 1716 Ireland; d 11 Dec 1768 SC; m1 c1743
Albemarle Co., VA Isabella Gass, b 8 Jan 1716 PA; d 2 Nov 1766.
Archibald m2 Mary Brackmon Brookman, b c 1735; d c1818 Mercer Co., KY.
Archibald Jr
Elizabeth Jane
CONFLICT: I don't think there was a 2nd marriage of this Archibald Woods.
This Archibald was not in KY...wei

!RESEARCHER: Bridgett Smith (TNVANV@aol.com) downloaded 25 Jan 1996 TNVANV.GED
from AOL.
"Descendants of Michael Woods"
4. Archibald Woods b 11 May 1706 Dunshauglin Cast., Meath Co., Ireland; d 11
Dec 1784 Roanoke Co., VA; m Isabella Goss in 1734.
ch: 12.
Michael Marion Woods Sr - John Woods - Margaret Woods
Sarah Woods - William Woods - Isabella Woods
Susannah Woods - Hannah Woods
NOTE: The below children listed, but this only reference to refer to them..wei
James Woods - Archibald Woods - Andrew Woods - Joseph Woods, d abt
1840 Roanoke Co., VA.
NOTE: I am NOT showing them as children at this time...wei


  1. Woods, Michael
    1. Campbell, Lady_Mary
      1. Woods, [Living]
      2. Woods, Archibald
      3. Woods, Michael Jr
      4. Woods, [Living]
      5. Woods, John
      6. Woods, Margaret
      7. Woods, Richard
      8. Woods, William
      9. Woods, Martha
      10. Woods, Andrew
      11. Woods, Sarah
      12. Woods, Samuel


Source References

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