This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of White. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
White, Alice about 1553
White, Anna (Rosanna) 1600-07-13
White, Anstice Austin about 1551
White, Becky 1801
White, Benjamin  
White, Bridgette  
White, Clarissa W 1831
White, Daniel  
White, David  
White, Dicey Jane 1857-10-00
White, Edward about 1547
White, Elias Jefferson 1907
White, Elias L(arkins?) 1857-10-07
White, Elizabeth 1668
White, Elizabeth between 1774 and 1775
White, Elizabeth (Susannah) 1589-03-00
White, Elizabeth A 1834
White, Ella 1879-06-02
White, Ellen Angeline 1863-08-12
White, Ellison Moore 1897
White, Emanuel  
White, Emil Emet about 1557
White, Eva Ann 1855
White, Eva Capitola 1859-09-20
White, Eva Roxanne 1909-12-00
White, Fanny or Frances  
White, Ferebe between 1761 and 1765
White, Grace about 1559
White, Henry about 1561
White, James  
White, James Houston 1905
White, James Luther 1890-03-26
White, Jessie Lillian 1888-06-20
White, John
White, John 1596
White, Judson 1822-09-15
White, Leonard H 1918-01-20
White, Margaret B 1911
White, Mary  
White, Mary 1590-08-24
White, Mary about 1733
White, Melvin M 1793
White, Nancy about 1777
White, Nathaniel  
White, O J  
White, Opal Fern 1900-10-25
White, Persis 1792
White, Richard about 1516
White, Richard about 1616
White, Robert about 1540
White, Robert Sr between 1680 and 1710
White, Robert Jr 1736/1737
White, Robert III between 1775 and 1790
White, Robert Second about 1545
White, Robert W. about 1558
White, Rosa B 1894
White, Samuel  
White, Sarah  
White, Sarah 1643-04-09
White, Seraphine C 1850-03-00
White, Vincent 1767
White, William  
White, William about 1549
White, William B 1904
White, William George 1863-07-15
White, William H 1831
White, William Second about 1555
White, [Living]  
White, [Living]  
White, [Living]  
White, [Living]  
White, [Living]  
White, [Living]  
White, daughter  
White, daughter between 1820 and 1825