Meador, Clara Adara

Birth Name Meador, Clara Adara
Gender female
Age at Death 41 years


Whitley, page 9 Bedford Co, Virginia will: Francis Haile, Proved Aug 1780, wife Adara: ch. Richard, Stephen, Lewis, Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Ushley, and Mourning. Will Book A.1. page 376. Inventory of Francis Haile same ref. Sept 27, retunred to court 23 Oct. 1790.

Worrell, page 37 'will prob Aug 1780 - names wife Adara and ch. Richard, Stephen, Lewis, Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Ushley, and Mourning'

ref: Victor P. Meador's book, Our Meador Families of Colonial Virginia


Thomas Meador died before April, 1662 in Old Rappahannock Co, Virginia. He married Sarah (?) who after his death, married Henry Awbrey. Thomas Meador's and Sarah's children were: John Susanna and Mary.

There seems to be a controversy over which Thomas Sarah was married to. Was it Thomas of Old Rappahannock or Thomas Meade of Lancaster Co who died ca 1655? At any rate, both viewpoints are tied into this Sarah.

John married Elizabeth White, daughter of Richard White (cooper) and wife Addara (?).
Susanna married first John Evans, second Phillip McGuire.
Mary married Col. Francis Gouldman.

Sarah and Henry Awbrey apparently had one child, Richard Awbrey. In his will dated April 18, 1697, he mentions his son Henry, daughter Mary, daughter Dorothy, Elizabeth Evans, God daughter (she was the daughter of Susanna (Meador) and John Evans-therefore, Richard's neice), brother John Meador, Thomas Hucklescott, Thomas Gregson, Francis Gouldman, "Sister" Maguire, Phillip Maguire and wife Dorothy Awbrey. Dorothy, wife of Richard Awbrey, married second Thomas Gouldman and third, Peter Ransome. Her maiden name was North.


Mar 7, 1671 Know all men that I Henry Awbrey of Rappahannock Co, for the good will and affection I bear unto my Godson Richard Haile of the County aforesaid I give one heifer in manner and form following with all her increase both male and female unto my Godson Richard Hails and his heirs lawfully begotten of his body and if the said Richard Haile Jr. dies without issue as abovesaid then the said heifer and her increase to return unto the said Henry Awbrey and his heirs forever further I the said Henry Aubrey doe order that the said heifer shall remaine at the Plantation of Richard White where now she is with her increase for the use of my (son) Godsone Richard Haile and that the said Richard White shall have the male increase until the said Haile be ten years of age and no longer for looking after the said Beast and her increase until my Godson Richard Haile be twenty and one years of age the abovesaid heifer is a teale black and on the right ear and a hole in the left ear and an under keel and no further marke further the said Henry Aubry doth require that the male and female increase of the said heifer that belongs to the said Haile Junior should be marked as abovesaid. Wit: Richard White, Thomas Claiborne

Richard Haile Jr. could not have been Capt. Richard Hail since he was not yet ten years of age in 1671. John's, son of Richard, estimated birthdate is between 1675-1678 (these dates are based upon a deposition by Mary, wife of John, given in Caroline Co, dated May 22, 1745-this deposition places her approximate birthdate as 1678. No further records for Richard Haile Jr. have been found. It is assumed that Richard Haile Jr. was a son of Capt. Richard Haile who died before reaching adulthood.

On Feb 5, 1684 Henry Awbrey deeded 100 acres to Richard Hayle, part of a 5100 acre pattent held by Henry Awbrey, for the seating of the pattent.

July 13, 1698 Capt. Richard Haile not prosecuting his suit against Mrs. Dorothy Goldman, executrix of Richard Awbrey deceased, is non suited.

John Meador first married Elizabeth White (daughter of Richard White and Adara (?) before Feb 4, 1678.
Children: Elizabeth md. John Armstrong

Hope Md. Elizabeth (?) She married 2nd James Bradbury (per court order dated Sept 18, 1723, Essex Co: The petition of William Jorney setting forth Elizabeth Meador ye widdow of Hope Meador lately deceased is now intermarryed with Mr. James Bradbury who hath entered upon said decedants estate and doth wast and destory the same.)

John Jr. md. Sarah Gregory, daughter of Richard Gregory and Katherine Armstrong. John Jr's. estate was appraised by Samuel Waggoner, William Greenhill, John Bryson; Guardian of Susannah was William Bourne.
1720. These Estate of John Meador deceased.
Dr. (some entries): to maintenance of a creeple orphan child of the sd John Meador deceased the child helpless not capable to put on her cloathes or to walk from the year 1720 until the year 1732; the year 1720 William Bourne to nursing the said child 8 months; paid James Bradbury for nurseing the said orphan in the year 1721. In the year 1732; the year 1720 William Bourne to nursing the said child 8 months; paid James Bradbury for nurseing the said orphan in the year 1721. In the year 1722 paid John Bryson for nurseing the said orphan; to nurseing the said orphan by William Bourne from the year 1723 until the year 1732 being nine years @ 800 pounds tobacco per year; maintenance of said orphan from the year 1732 untill the year 1738 being six years @ 500 pounds tobacco per year; repairing and building of houses for use of the Orphans plantation; paid John Bryson, to John Haile paid; paid John Armstrong; paid Joseph Baker, paid William Jordan, paid Alexander Summerfield.....Signed by William Bourne, Thomas Meadors, executors

Thomas married Elizabeth Wood (daughter of John Wood and Frances (?); Frances married 2nd William Cox)
Rachel md. William Jordan (lived Caroline Co by July 16, 1739)
Esther md. William Bourne
Richard Meador md. Ann Moss (daughter of John and Mary Moss, sometimes spelled Mess in the records)

In his will dated Dec. 12, 1715, witnessed by Erasmus Allen and Thomas Duden, Richard bequeaths his loving wife the plantation where he lives and after her decease to his eldest son William. To his younger son Richarad all the land formerly that of his Grandfather White. If Richard died without legal heirs, the land was to go to youngest daughter Addra. There was also a bequest to his brother John and his wife was made sole executor.

May 15, 1716 William Pickett and John Pickett were security for Ann's administration of Richard's estate.

Later court orders reveal that Ann married secondly John Bryson. Unfortunately, some of the records show the name Elizabeth rather than Ann. It cannot be determined if this was an error in the copying of the original papers. The fact remains that Ann (Moss) was the wife of Richard Meador and was named sole executor; and that John Bryson and his wife Ann/Elizabeth are later named in the records as executors of the estate of Richard Meador. John Bryson could not have become executor of Richard's estate any other way.

There is a will recorded in Orange Co, Virginia for a John Bryson of St. Thomas Parish. It was dated Nov. 13, 1755 and mentions son John, daughter Mary Hackett. Beloved wife Ann Bryson and son John Bryson are named executors. The will, however, was not proved until October 25, 1770, which seems to be rather late for the John Bryson in Essex Co Ann was not mentioned when the will was recorded, so it is assumed she was deceased. John Bryson the son went to Surrey Co, North Carolina. To date efforts to accumulate information on the son have not been fruitful.

Richard Meador's daughter, Addra, was the right age to have married Francis. Both people were in the same generation and the two families were obviously well-acquainted with each other. Further infomation substantiates this hypothesis and is by no means the only information availaable.

July 27, 1699 Francis Browne, John Fargeson, James Fullerton, John Hail appraise estate of John Wood (father of Elizabeth Wood who married Thomas Meador, mentioned previously.)

The relationships of Francis Browne with the Haile and Meador lines have not yet been determined and neither has that of John Farguson. The Fargusons, however, had a close relationship with the Hailes as John Haile appraised the estate of John Farguson in 1718 and John Farguson (son of John) appraised the estate of John Haile in 1744. James Fullerton (son of James Fullerton who died 1678, wife unknown) md. Sarah Pickett (daughter of Henry Pickett). The Picketts show up often in records pertaining to the Meador and Haile lines. Sarah's second husband was James Webb, son of John Webb and Mary Sanford. James and Sarah's daughter Penelope (usually given the name of Webb by genealogists, but James Webb was her step-father) married James Gatewood, son of John and Amy (?) Gatewood. After his death Amy married Joseph Baker. (Remember seeing him in the John Meador estate records concerning Susanna?)

Dec. 4, 1689 Richard Hale sold 200 acres to John Gatewood. (This land included the 100 acres Richard Haile received from Henry Awbrey for seating 5100 acres).

Nov 23, 1697 The suit between John Moss and Mary his wife Plts. and Capt Richard Haile defendant, is referr'd till next court at ye Defendts. request.

October 18, 1697 John Gatewood, John Meador, Richard Gregory appraised the estate of William Jones.

Jan 10, 1698 Ordered that the suit between John Moss & Mary his wife, plts, and Capt. Richd. Haile Defendt be dismist for want of prosecution. (John Moss' will was dated Dec. 22, 1697 and recorded Mar 10, 1697)

March 5, 1699/70 Richard White, Henry Awbrey, and John Gatewood were witnesses to a deed from Nicholas Pultey to John Wells. (This land was formerly granted to Anthony North.)

June 11, 1705 Court order: Appraisal for estate of Simon Cobnall (Copnall) signed by James Fullerton, John Meador, John Gatewood and John Haile.

June 10, 1708 Richard Meador witnessed a deed from John Haile and wife, Mary, to Adam Denning.

July 9, 1726 William Allen, John Haile, Thomas Meadows, and John Brison appraised the estate of Eliza. Clinton.

Most researchers who have worked the Haile/Hale/Hail line for any length of time are aware of John's will in which he names his children:
John Jr.
Mary md. Mr. Edmondson
Susanna md 1st James Greenhill*; 2nd Mr. Allen (possibly Benjamin Jr.)
Benjamin md Arabella (?)
Thomas md. Elizabeth Gatewood, daughter of Thomas Gatewood and Elizabeth Dudley. Thomas was the son of John Gatewood and Amy (?) who md. second Joseph Baker.

*Mary 's will dated July 14, 1753, mentions her grand daughter Martha Greenhill


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1716 Essex, VA    
Death 1757 Bedford, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Meador, Richard16781716
Mother Moss, Anne16781728
         Meador, Clara Adara 1716 1757


Family of Hale, Francis and Meador, Clara Adara

Married Husband Hale, Francis ( * 1724 + 1780 )

The will of Francis Haile, written 1775 Bedford Co, VA, recorded and probated 1780, names wife Adara; sons Richard, Stephen, Lewis; daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Ushley, and Mourning.

Curiously large number of descendants of this family are DNA matches to us, and Richard/Francis names in common, but unknown at this time if they are connected.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hale, Richard17451784


  1. Meador, Richard
    1. Moss, Anne
      1. Meador, Clara Adara
        1. Hale, Francis
          1. Hale, Richard