Hale, Richard

Birth Name Hale, Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 39 years


Whitley, page 9, Bedford Co, Virginia will: Francis Haile, Proved Aug 1780, wife Adara: ch. Richard, Stephen, Lewis, Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Ushley, and Mourning. Will Book A.1. page 376. Inventory of Francis Haile same ref. Sept 27, retunred to court 23 Oct. 1790.

Worrell, page 37 'Richard will pro Jun 1784, names wife Elizabeth, children Sarah Hatcher, John Hail, Elizabeth Hail, James Hail, Martha Hail, Richard Hail, Frank Hail, Powel Hail, Molly Hail, Lewis Hail.

Sarah Hatcher one bed and furniture charged with 8 pounds. My son John Hail charged with a horse, bridle, and saddle worht 8 pounds.

In case any of my children should live to come of age or marry to have their portion paid to them out of the Estate equally to the others.

Executors: My beloved Elizabeth Hail, Stephen Haile and my son John Hail and Humphrey Edmundson.
Witnesses: Richard Edmundson, John Hail, Humphrey Edmundson, John Smith.

Proven: 28 June 1784 by oaths of Richard Edmundson and John Smith.
Executors: Elizabeth Hail and Humphrey Edmundson. Security: Thomas Watts, Richard Edmundson. Liberty being reserved the other. Executors therein mentioned to join in the probate thereof when they shall think fit


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1745 Bedford, VA    
Death 1784 Bedford, VA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hale, Francis17241780
Mother Meador, Clara Adara17161757
         Hale, Richard 1745 1784


Family of Hale, Richard and Edmondson, Elizabeth

Married Wife Edmondson, Elizabeth ( * 1742 + 1788 )

Whether Richard Hail and Elizabeth Edmondson are parents of this Francis is just conjecture, based only on Richard's will mentioning a son Frank. The Francis Hale remaining in the Virginia census could be son of Richard's brother Lewis, leaving Frank to have gone to Indiana. Numerous DNA matches between descendants support this connection. It's still possible Richard Hale of Bedford is only Francis Hale's uncle as Francis was a common givenname in this line.

I believe Francis and Caty Hale were in the part of Knox that became Gibson County because Caty Hale remarried there. However some other Hales were in Sullivan County very early. These Hales came from Grayson Co, VA. Stephen Clark Hale and Anna Lyon Howard had a son named Francis. Other Hales in Sullivan: Martin, Noah were sons of Richard Hale and Elizabeth Stone who moved from Grayson Co, VA to Sullivan after 1820. A Joshua Hale (b.1780-1790) is in Sullivan by 1820. A photo of Noah Hale strongly resembles Oliver Hale.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hale, Francisbetween 1767 and 17891811-11-02