Gage, William Montgomery

Birth Name Gage, William Montgomery
Gender male
Age at Death more than 57 years, 6 months, 5 days


William Montgomery Gage is considered the progenitor of our Gage line. He is the earliest certain ancestor. Thomas as choice of father is just a guess.

[Rayburn, Duran.GED]
1720 A school Master in Freetown, MA

From the Gage Genealogy of Rev Walker Miller Gage:
"William Gage first appears in 1721 as the schoolmaster of Freetown, Mass., Bristol County, and as there was a Thomas Gage in the same town and the the same time, they may have been brothers. William was apparently a Quaker, and with his sons, William, John, Thomas, Joseph, Remembrance, Sylvester and David, left New England and sought a new home in Dutchess County, where Quakerism was well established. From here, the sons scattered in various directions, William (1725) with his sons went into Vermont, John(1726) and Thomas (1729) apparently left for the Vermont frontier; as yet no record of their families has been found. Joseph (1734-1811) wih his sons lived in Washington, Dutchess County, NY. Remembrance (1837-1828) moved to Duanesburg, NY, with hist sons. David (1744-1802) remained in Dutchess County and had four souns, Samuel, Nathan, William, and Jabez. Nothing is known at present concerning Sylvester (1741) but he apparently remained in Dutchess County. Several branches of the family migrated with other Quakers, settling in Western New York and Pennsylvania."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1696 Freetown, Bristol, MA   1
Event Note

date is based on a deed that he signed as a witness. we don't know the birthplace - Freetown, MA is the first record we have of him.

Military Service between 1722-06-26 and 1722-12-10   Pvt in muster roll of Capt. Robert Temple's co., Col. Thomas Westerbrook in Maine. Served 20 weeks, 4 days. Pd. #10-5s-8d (MA archives vol 91 pg 82)  
Event Note

#10-5s-8d (MA archives vol 91 pg 82)

Death 1753-07-06 Freetown, Bristol, MA   1
Burial   Freetown, Bristol, MA   1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, Thomasabout 1675after 1738-01-05
Mother (Gage), unknown
         Gage, William Montgomery before 1696 1753-07-06


Family of Gage, William Montgomery and Davis, Hannah

Married Wife Davis, Hannah ( * about 1700 + 1754 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1723 Freetown, Bristol, MA Marriage of Gage, William Montgomery and Davis, Hannah 1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, William Montgomery Jr1725-10-101804
Gage, John1726-11-05
Gage, Thomas1728-03-12
Gage, Susannah1731-08-08
Gage, Joseph1734-05-031811-05-23
Gage, Hannah1736-09-07
Gage, Remembrance1738-09-201828-03-00
Gage, Sylvester1741-05-27
Gage, David1744-07-151802-07-18
Gage, Elizabeth1746-03-02

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