Gage, William Montgomery Jr

Birth Name Gage, William Montgomery Jr
Birth Name Gage, William Montgomery, Jr.
Gender male
Age at Death 78 years, 2 months, 22 days


Also spelled his name GAIGE.

William and his family settled in Danby, VT, about 1770. He was an innkeeper. He was a Captain during the Revolutionary War, and fought in the battle of Bennington. The family lived in Dartmouth, Mass., Tiverton, R.I., Danby, VT, and then Ferrisburg, VT about 1790. (From History of Danby, VT, by J. C. Williams)

William settled in Danby, VT about 1770, was an inn keeper, Captain in the battle of Bennington; lived in Dartmouth, MA, Tiverton, RI, Four of his sons became his supporters and it is thought that it was his son Joseph who was only 17 at the time was also in the army instead of William's brother Joseph. The Soldier Gages were Captain William, John, William, Isaac, Walter, and Joseph.
He commanded a company from Danby, VT to assist the sheriff in 1779. Moved to Ferrisburg VT following marriage. He served during the Revolutionary War in Ira Allen's regiment of the Vermont Militia.


also see history of Ferrisburgh, VT:,gage::vt/addison::665.html

Some family histories say he died in Danby, VT in 1803. (DAR Lineage)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1725-10-10 Freetown, Bristol, MA   1
Military Service     Capt.  
Death 1804 Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT   1
Burial   Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT   1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, William Montgomerybefore 16961753-07-06
Mother Davis, Hannahabout 17001754
         Gage, William Montgomery Jr 1725-10-10 1804
    Brother     Gage, John 1726-11-05
    Brother     Gage, Thomas 1728-03-12
    Sister     Gage, Susannah 1731-08-08
    Brother     Gage, Joseph 1734-05-03 1811-05-23
    Sister     Gage, Hannah 1736-09-07
    Brother     Gage, Remembrance 1738-09-20 1828-03-00
    Brother     Gage, Sylvester 1741-05-27
    Brother     Gage, David 1744-07-15 1802-07-18
    Sister     Gage, Elizabeth 1746-03-02


Family of Gage, William Montgomery Jr and Huddleston, Mercy

Married Wife Huddleston, Mercy ( * 1730-06-05 + 1811-03-08 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1748-05-06 Bristol, MA Marriage of Gage, William Montgomery , Jr. and Huddleston, Mercy  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, John1749-11-30after 1810
Gage, William1751-11-111833-03-11
Gage, Isaac1753-12-14
Gage, Walter1755-06-08about 1809
Gage, George1756-09-14about 1850
Gage, Robert1759-06-06
Gage, Hannah1761-09-06
Gage, Joseph1763-01-02
Gage, Richard1766-06-21
Gage, Benjamin1768-07-03
Gage, Mercy1771-02-24
Gage, Mary1773-07-23
Gage, Eleanor1776-02-161840-03-00

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