Carter, Kindred 1a

Birth Name Carter, Kindred
Gender male
Age at Death 50 years

Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Ga. around 1780. Kindred was the ancestor of President Jimmy Carter. "Kindred Carter settled in Richmond Co., Ga. on the frontier of the new state along Little Germany Creek. This land became part of Columbia Co. in 1790 and is now in McDuffie Co. lying approximately 35 miles west of Augusta along the old Augusta - Wrightsboro Road. At Kindred's death in 1800, his estate was divided five ways, although only four heirs are known " from an article written by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Historical researcher , Ga. Dept. of Natural Resources. The article goes on to list the different heirs of the two brothers. contrib by Linda Jensen
President Jimmie Carters line from Kindred's son James.

Kindred Carter's will of October 1777, Edgecombe Co, NC mentions wife Mary and daughters Porsselia? Knight, Charity Knight, Penelope Whitaker and Winnephord Taylor. [kdd: this must be an uncle or some older generation than Kindred Carter b.1750 ]


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1750 Bertie,North Carolina    
Death 1800 Columbia,Georgia    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Carter, Isaacabout 17171792-07-08
Mother Browne, Sarah
         Carter, Kindred 1750 1800
    Brother     Carter about 1754
    Brother     Carter about 1756
    Brother     Carter about 1752


Family of Carter, Kindred and Hickman, Mourning

Married Wife Hickman, Mourning ( * about 1747 + 1804 )

Pres. Jimmie Carter's genealogy claims his wife was Ruth.
Name: Kindred Carter
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1750
Death Date: 1800
Death Place: Mcduffie, Georgia, USA
Father: Isaac Carter
Mother: Ruth
Children: James Carter

Name Birth Date Death Date
Carter, James17731858-07-19
Carter, Henry17751875
Carterabout 1775
Carter, Marthaabout 1777
Carterabout 1777
Carter, Jesseabout 1779

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