Carter, Henry 1a

Birth Name Carter, Henry
Gender male
Age at Death 100 years


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Henry was a Methodist minister.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1775 Bertie Co, NC    
Death 1875 Gilmer Co, GA   2a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Carter, Kindred17501800
Mother Hickman, Mourningabout 17471804
    Brother     Carter, James 1773 1858-07-19
         Carter, Henry 1775 1875
    Sister     Carter, Martha about 1777
    Brother     Carter, Jesse about 1779
    Brother     Carter about 1775
    Sister     Carter about 1777


Family of Carter, Henry and Parham, Martha

Married Wife Parham, Martha ( * 1780 + 1865 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1797-10-11 Wilkes Co, NC   3a

probable parents. note married in 1797 but earliest known children start in 1810 - probably had several older children before 1810 but can not find in census. There is a older woman "Moring Carter" in Surry Co, NC 1800 census who could be Henry's mother, Mourning Hickman Carter, just after his father died.

1) They are neighbors to Jesse and Delilah Carter Prince in Buncombe Co, NC 1820. (6 hh away)
2) Henry and Martha's known children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Martha, Preshus, and George
3) Jesse and Delilah's children include a Preshia, Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, George, and Henry!
4) Henry Carter was a Methodist minister
5) "Moring Carter" in Surry Co, NC 1800 would account for Delilah being born about 1800 in Surry.
6) Jesse and Delilah move from Jackson Co, AL to Fannin Co, GA - close by her parents.

Nathan and Levi are neighbors in Henry Co, TN. They are next to each other in the alphabetized tax list of 1836, 1837, & 1840, but in the same district with no other Carter's.

Court records Nathan Carter was executor following the death of Unknown Carter in 1825, and became guardian of a minor named Patsy Carter. This implies there was probably a 3rd brother who died ~1825. Ephraim Carter is nearest Carter in 1820 Census, Stewart Co, TN, but he is much older - 45+.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Carter, Delilahabout 1795after 1860
Carter, Nathan?1798before 1865-09-04
Carter, Levi?about 1800before 1845-10-24
Carter, Sarah A1810-08-001900-11-23
Carter, Elizabeth1812
Carter, Martha Ann1815about 1885
Carter, Preshus Mannerva1825about 1865
Carter, George B1829


Type Value Notes Sources
Paternal Haplogroup R1b R-M269
Attribute Note

descendant of Thomas Carter b 1650 Isle of Wight Co VA kit#134472


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        > Bride: Martha Parham
        > Groom: Henry Carter
        > Bond Date: 11 Oct 1797
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        > Bondsman: William Parham
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