Barttelot, Richard (Esq)

Birth Name Barttelot, Richard (Esq)
Gender male
Age at Death about 36 years, 8 months


Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 93TW-M3
Seal to Parents: 14 MAR 1956 IFALL - Idaho Falls, ID
Sold land in Horsham, England by deed of 14 June 1503 and went to France with Henry VIII in the retinue of Cardinal Wolsey. He died at the seizeofTournay, September 1514.

[Brøderbund Family Archive #17, Ed. 1, Birth Records: UnitedStates/Europe, Birth Records, AAI Birth Records Extraction, Date ofImport: Aug 15, 1998, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Barttelot, Richard (Esq)
Birth date: Abt. 1478
Birth place: ENG
CD# 100


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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1478 Stopham,Sussex,England    
Death 1514-09-00 Tournay,France    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Barttelot, Johnabout 14501493-11-20
Mother Arthur, Oliveabout 14501510
         Barttelot, Richard (Esq) about 1478 1514-09-00
    Sister     Barttelot, Anne about 1482 Deceased
    Brother     Barttelot, John about 1476 1525-04-01
    Brother     Barttelot, Thomas about 1480 Deceased


Family of Barttelot, Richard (Esq) and Gates, Elizabeth

Married Wife Gates, Elizabeth ( * about 1480 + Deceased )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1503 Ernley,Sussex,England Marriage of unknown  


Name Birth Date Death Date
Barttelot, MaleBetween 1503-1514Deceased
Barttelot, Williamabout 15041601-06-11
Barttelot, Thomasabout 1506Deceased
Barttelot, John15081558
Barttelot, Edmundabout 15101591