Orear, Elizabeth Ann

Birth Name Orear, Elizabeth Ann
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 5 months, 24 days


DIED - 8/10/1860 paper - In Versailles, on the 5th inst., MRS. ELIZABETH
ROLAND, in the 85th year of her age.

DIED - 8/10/1860 paper - August 4, 1860, in Versailles, Ky., at the
residence of her son-in-law, MR. CLARKE O. SMITHER, Mrs. ELIZABETH
ROWLAND, widow of HENRY ROWLAND, deceased. Mrs. Rowland is the last of
the original settlers of the interesting neighborhood in Woodford county,
Ky., in which she so long resided. Her neighbors and generations have
gone before her. She has been spared amidst the "the pestilence that
walks in darkness, and the destruction that wastes at noonday," to the
good old age of eighty-four. During the untold vicissitudes through which
human life passes in such length of time, Mrs. Rowland gave
exemplification for a most singularly uniform, meek, quite, calm and
humble Christian life. And while the shadows of death were gathering
around her, she as quietly and calmly expressed herself as resigned to
the will of her heavenly Father, whom she had loved and so steadfastly
loved for the space of sixty years, as a worthy member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. This worthy lady was a branch of the OREAR family of
Kentucky, many of whom adorned the doctrine of God their Saviour with a
pious walk and godly conversation. She leaves behind her a numerous and
respectable progeny, who appreciate her example and the most of whom are
striving to follow her as she followed Christ. H.H. KAVANAUGH.

From: Woodford Heritage News, Vol. 18 No.3 ~ Quarterly Newsletter of
Woodford County Historical Society, Inc. ~ July 20, 2002, page 9 ~
Woodford Pennant newspaper, abstracted by Heather Tauchert


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1776-02-10 Virginia, USA    
Death 1860-08-05      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father O'Rear, Jeremiah1744-05-161798-12-00
Mother Catlett, Nancy1746
    Brother     Orear, William about 1764
    Brother     O'Rear, John 1765-10-12 1847-08-25
    Sister     Orear, Mary about 1768 after 1815-04-30
    Brother     Orear, Benjamin 1770-03-04 1862-06-23
    Sister     Orear, Celia about 1773 after 1797
         Orear, Elizabeth Ann 1776-02-10 1860-08-05
    Brother     Orear, Daniel 1777-11-15 1864-04-15
    Brother     Orear, Jeremiah C. 1782-09-09 1872-03-28
    Sister     Orear, Nancy Catlett 1785-01-22 1845-02-04
    Brother     O'Rear, Robert Catlett 1779-12-04 1869-04-14


Family of Rowland, Henry H and Orear, Elizabeth Ann

Married Husband Rowland, Henry H ( * 1768-11-20 + 1838-11-06 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1798-01-22 Madison, KY Marriage of Rowland, Henry H and Orear, Elizabeth Ann  

Children see Chris Briggs db - http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:3222049&id=I4218

1. Henry ROWLAND
2. Nancy ROWLAND
3. Sophia ROWLAND
4. Mahala ROWLAND b: 22 Oct 1798 in Boonesborough, Kentucky
5. Jeremiah ROWLAND b: ABT. 1802 in Madison County, Kentucky
6. Malinda ROWLAND b: ABT. 1807 in Woodford County, Kentucky
7. Harrison ROWLAND b: 2 Apr 1814 in Woodford County, Kentucky
8. Elizabeth Ann ROWLAND b: ABT. 1815

Name Birth Date Death Date
Rowland, Nancy
Rowland, Sophia
Rowland, Henry
Rowland, Mahala1798-10-221846-05-15
Rowland, Jeremiahabout 18021869
Rowland, Malindaabout 18071878-08-23
Rowland, Harrison1814-04-021884-06-13
Rowland, Elizabeth Annabout 18151868