Stebbins, Thomas

Birth Name Stebbins, Thomas 1
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 8 months, 28 days


Some Beebles has his father as his uncle Edward Stebbins.

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas was quite prominent in the affairs of Springfield, holding many different offices including Hayward, Constable, and Surveyor. The records of Springfield show that he was paid out of the town Treasury many times for his services to the town (Greenlee, Ralph Stebbine & Greenlee, Robert Lemuel, The Stebbins Genealogy, 1904).
March 11, 1728/29, Assessor
March 10, 1729/30, Selectman

In the name of God amen I THOS Stebbins of Springfield in the county of Hampshire & province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Gent being moved with the consideration of the uncertainty of this mortal Life, being of Sound mind--understanding--do make & ordain this my last will & testament as followeth---I recommend my Sole unto the Hands of GOD--my Creator & my body to the Earth by Decent burial hoping through the Satisfaction & Riteousness of Christ my Ridemer to be made pertaker of Eternall Happiness both Sole & body att the Resurrection of the Just & as for my temporal Estate booth Real Estate & parsonal1 give bequeathe Devise & dispose of the Same in the following maner & form that is to say my Just Debts &c being first paid--viz Imprimis--
I give & Bequeathe to Mary Stebbins my well beloved wife--the one third part of my real estate to be holden of her during her life--also I give to her one third part of all my moveable estate Excepting what is other wise herein after disposed of for her use & improvement during her natural Life & what remains thereof att her Deceas to be Equally devided among all my childrin as also to her I give the Sum of teen Shillings so long as she remains my Widdow, yearly to be paid her as herein after mentioned & Set forth1 give & Bequeathe to my son Caleb Stebbins my Gun--my Sword & Belt--also the sum of foure pounds fifteen Shillings to be paid him as is herein after provided & whereas I have heretofore advanced Considerable out of my Estat for & to wards the Settlement of my said Son Caleb is the reason why I give him no more in this my will whitch with what I have herein given him I deem to be his proportion of my Estate---1 give & Bequeathe to my Daughters Mary Stebbins & Ruth Hitchcock the sums following viz to Mary the sum of Eleven pounds Eleven Shillings & 8 d & to Ruth the sum of 13 pounds 19 Shillings & two pence--besids what I have given already given them to be paid as is herein after provided I give & Bequeathe devise & disposs to my sons Thomas Stebbins & Moses Stebbins all my Lands Rights to & graints of Lands together with all buildings thereon Lying & being in Springfield aforesaid or Els where to be Equally divieded between them saving onlv to mv wife her thirds herein during her life I also give & bequeath to my said sons Thomas & Moses the whole of my parsonal or moveable Estate not other wise disposed of in this my will to be equally divided between them and my will & pleasure further is & I hereby order & determin that my said sons Thomas & Moses pay my said wife my said son Caleb & my daughters Mary & Ruth afore named the several sums respectively given given & bequeathed to them as aforesaid out of what I have herin given & bequeathed to them--the said Thomas & Moses my sons--within the term of 12 months after my decease--I also give & bequeath to my said sons Caleb--Thomas--& Moses all my wearing apparel to be Equaly divided between them & I hereby nominate & appoint my said wife Mary Stebbins & my said sons Caleb--Thomas & Moses Stebbins Executors of this my last will & testament making nul & void all former wills by my heretofore made--declaring & approving this only to be my last will & testimony--whereof I the said THOS Stebbins the Testator have hereunto set my hand & seal the sixth day of november in the 38th year of his majesties reign Anno Dom 1758
not signed
[The original will was undoubtedly signed, but in the olden times a great many documents were copied without the signature, probably to avoid appearance of forgery. This may not be an exact copy of the original will so far as spelling etc. are concerned.]
(The Stebbins Genealogy, 1904, p. 154, 155 & 156)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1687-03-07 Springfield, MA   2 3
Death 1758-12-04 Springfield, MA   3


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stebbins, Edward1656-04-141712-10-31
Mother Graves, Sarah1655-10-011700-06-12
    Sister     Stebbins, Sarah 1681-02-20 1713
    Brother     Stebbins, Thomas 1685-10-16 1686-01-31
         Stebbins, Thomas 1687-03-07 1758-12-04
    Sister     Stebbins, Mary 1689-09-11 1690-12-04
    Brother     Stebbins, John 1693-01-20 1741-03-21
    Sister     Stebbins, Mary 1696-01-02 1698-04-28


Family of Stebbins, Thomas and Ely, Mary

Married Wife Ely, Mary ( * 1689-02-25 + 1770-04-09 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1711-03-01 Springfield, MA Marriage of Stebbins, Thomas and ELY, Mary 4

This may not be the correct marriage. Mary Ely is also recorded in thisdatabase as married to Thomas Stebbins born in 1686/87 to Edward Stebbins and Sarah Graves.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Stebbins, Caleb1712-04-011796-02-22
Stebbins, Mary1715-08-151803-01-09
Stebbins, Ruth1722-10-161775-02-20
Stebbins, Thomas1727-10-011804-06-20
Stebbins, Moses1731-06-021765-07-20