Stebbins, Caleb

Birth Name Stebbins, Caleb
Gender male
Age at Death 83 years, 10 months, 21 days


DEATH: Chamberlain Family has death on February 22, [1731/32] sic.
In his will, Caleb provided to "Elizabeth Stebbins my dearly beloved wife" a third of his household movable Estate while she remained his widow, and he requested that his son Caleb keep "our Good Cow" for her, and that he provide "wood cut fit for the fire" while she remained his widow. He also provided money for his daughters and grandchildren, who were named in the will. His wife, Elizabeth, and his son, Caleb, were named as his executors. Witnesses were Samuel Bishop, Jeams Calkins, and Aaron Cadwell.

BIOGRAPHY: Caleb moved to Wilbraham, Massachusetts about 1739 and his descendants have several deeds of land in the "east road" bearing that date. The farm on which he located in 1741 was still occupied by his grandsons, Jason and George, in 1863, and the property remained in his family until 1875. The adjoining farm, once owned by Jason Stebbins, was originally part of Caleb's farm. On April 6, 1764, Caleb and Joseph Miller received permission to erect a Grist Mill at "12 mile Brook," and they were given 4 acres by the town for the mill. Later, Caleb added a saw mill (Greenlee & Greenlee, 1904). [He was a sergeant in Col. John Worthington's company of minute men. ] - believe this refers to son Caleb who died 28 Mar 1787
Occupation: Grist and saw mill/farmer


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1712-04-01 Springfield, MA   1
Death 1796-02-22 Wilbraham, MA   1
Burial   Four Corners Cemetery    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stebbins, Thomas1687-03-071758-12-04
Mother Ely, Mary1689-02-251770-04-09
         Stebbins, Caleb 1712-04-01 1796-02-22
    Sister     Stebbins, Mary 1715-08-15 1803-01-09
    Sister     Stebbins, Ruth 1722-10-16 1775-02-20
    Brother     Stebbins, Thomas 1727-10-01 1804-06-20
    Brother     Stebbins, Moses 1731-06-02 1765-07-20


Family of Stebbins, Caleb and Warriner, Elizabeth

Married Wife Warriner, Elizabeth ( * 1713-06-16 + 1805-04-29 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1732-11-23 Wilbraham, MA Marriage of Stebbins, Caleb and Warriner, Elizabeth  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Stebbins, Elizabeth1733-12-301800-01-01
Stebbins, Abigail1736-06-13
Stebbins, Ruth1738-12-151826-04-23
Stebbins, Caleb1742-01-081787-03-28
Stebbins, Martha1745-02-15
Stebbins, Justin1749-01-03
Stebbins, Lucy1755-04-13

Source References

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