Smith, Ephraim Jr

Birth Name Smith, Ephraim Jr
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 7 months, 9 days


stuck! good chance Ephraim had brothers Levi and Simeon (both b.1790-1800) in Arkwright, perhaps Eli (from RI)
Simeon lives next to the Weavers in 1840 and arrived with them in 1822. The one male Smith descendent has had a Y-DNA test but does not match any other Smith's.

Ephraim's birth place based on sons Royal and Andrew; they say their father was born in NY.

penultimate reference to Ephraim I have found may be son William's will, dated Apr 19, 1848:
"...and also my farthen is to have the privilege to live with my wife and children as long as he behaves himself and uses the family well. He, the said farthen, has no privilege to keep any stock of any kind on the farm without the consent of my wife, Clarissa Smith, or to bring any spiritous liquours in to the house to use as a bevridg [sic] without the consent of my wife, Clarissa Smith."

final reference: Dunkirk Evening Observer, Aug. 21, 1884 "Summary of business transacted by Surrogate Court during 2 weeks ending August 19, 1884"
"Estate of Ephraim Smith late of Stockton deceased. Letters of administration issued to Royal D. Smith"
Found Order granting Letter of Administration to Royal D Smith, son of Ephraim Smith. Says died in 1860 at "some place unknown to the petitioner". Estate valued at $50 while the surrogate bond was $100! Order granted Aug 12, 1884.

The Ephraim Smith of Galway, Saratoga Co, NY is a different person ( from Lyme, CT).

"Ephraim Smith" (with Ralph P Smith and Samuel Smith) in Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824:
18 Oct 1819 Lot 28 Section 00 Twnsp 05 Range 10 Transaction Renewal page 499-0082 (Villenova)
however, this could be the Ephraim Smith (and Samuel Smith) in Hanover, NY 1820.

"Military Minutes of the Council of Appt" on -
Date is 1821 in Genesee County, and Ephraim is the only Ephraim (head of household) in Genesee in 1820 census.
served as ensign in 195th Infantry Regiment under Col. Martin O Coe,
Note a Jesse Smith is also enlisted, but both Jesse Smith's in Genesee are 26-45 yrs old.

Coincidence in names of Jesse Smith line from MA includes Ephraim. Descendants lived in Arkwright, NY.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1788-05-23 Huntington, Hampshire, MA   1a
Event Note

Only 2 censuses with Ephraim:
1820: born between 1776 and 1794
1830: born between 1781 and 1790

If he is the son of Ephraim Smith of Greenfield, he was probably born 1790.

Sons remaining in 1880 both report father born in NY.

Death 1860 Stockton, Chautauqua, NY    
Event Note

no death record - 1830 last census found and 1834 is last property assessment, William Smith's will of 1848 refers to "farthen" staying with them, and Letter of Administration for his estate (Aug 12, 1884) says he died in 1860.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, Ephraim Sr1762-09-041837-08-21
Mother Sanford, Deborah1758-10-011843-02-17
         Smith, Ephraim Jr 1788-05-23 1860
    Brother     Smith, Christopher 1794-03-10 1872-02-01
    Brother     Smith, Thomas 1804 1894-08-22


Family of Smith, Ephraim Jr and Weaver, Mary

Married Wife Weaver, Mary ( * 1794 + after 1830 )

Fortunately, able to track Ephraim Smith (a very common name then) by close family ties to the Weavers. 2 sons married Weavers too. Neighbor of Caleb Weaver. I believe the association goes way back thru their fathers to Kent Co, RI:
1771: Caleb Weaver b. 1771 Coventry, RI
178?: Ephraim Smith Jr born in NY
1790: Ephraim Smith Sr in RI
Caleb Weaver Sr in Warwick, Kent Co, RI
1791-1794 Weavers and Smiths in Brattleboro, VT
1797: Caleb Weaver Sr m. Hannah Franklin
1800: Ephraim Smith Sr in Northumberland, Saratoga Co, NY
Caleb Weaver Sr in Greenfield, Saratoga Co, NY
1810: Ephraim Smith Sr in Greenfield, Saratoga Co, NY
Caleb Weaver Sr in Greenfield, Saratoga Co, NY
1818: Caleb Weaver Sr said to have moved to Arkwright, Chautauqua Co, NY (but not in 1820 Census)
1820: Ephraim Smith Jr in Stafford, Genesee Co ; I see his first 4 boys there - Daniel, William, Andrew, Jesse
Caleb Weaver Jr? in Stafford (note: Stafford formed March 24, 1820 from Le Roy and Batavia)
1822: Simeon Smith, jr and Caleb Weaver's sons purchase land in Arkwright
1823: approx. 5th son born - Royal
1825: Caleb Weaver in Villenova, Chautauqua Co,NY - but not Ephraim yet!
1830: Ephraim Smith's whole family (5 boys/1 girl) + Mary Weaver in Arkwright, Chautauqua Co, NY
(note - Caleb probably didn't move; Arkwright formed from parts of Villenova & Pomfret in 1829)
1840: "A J Smith" + wife + 2 daughters in Arkwright. Next door are William & Royal.
In Rockdale, Crawford Co, PA Daniel + Harriet Gage next door to Richard Gage
No trace of Ephraim.

===> no proof that Ephraim Smith, Sr is our Ephraim Smith's father! Caleb Weaver, Jr is son of Caleb Weaver, Sr
Also possible, In 1820 Stafford, NY, an older Moses Smith (b.1760-1770) and large family of boys lives not far from Ephraim.
This Moses Smith however is still in MA in 1790 census. In 1810, Greenfield Saratoga, matching Smith families are Ephraim Smith, William Smith (3 doors from Caleb!), and a John Smith. In 1800, the Ephraim in Northumberland and a William Smith in Ballston have a son of the right age. The William Smith, neighbor of Caleb Weaver in 1810, married Catherine Comstock and was born 6 Apr 1780 in Smithfield, R.I. d.10 Apr 1871.

Daughter not listed in Lucius Weaver's Genealogy - found in 1830 census only. Too young to be servant so conclude daughter. She is living with brother William in 1840 census.

In the Lucius Weaver genealogy, he lists the children of Ephraim and Mary Smith like this:
1.Royal D
5.William C

In 1820 Census, several older males I cannot account for - Ephraim's brothers?
4m<10 m16-18 2m16-26 m26-45 f26-45 and 3 workers in agriculture.

In 1830 Census, the whole family:
1m5-10 2m10-15 2m15-20 m40-49 1f<5 1f30-40

Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, Jessebetween 1810 and 1815before 1884
Smith, William C1814-11-131848-09-01
Smith, Andrew J.about 1817after 1880
Smith, Daniel Dabout 18201860
Smith, Royal D18221892-01-07
Smith, unknown daughterbetween 1825 and 1830after 1840

Source References

  1. Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections, 1620-1988
      • Citation:

        Name: Ephraim Smith
        Event Type: Birth
        Birth Date: 23 May 1788
        Birth Place: Huntington, Massachusetts
        Father Name: Ephraim Smith
        Mother Name: Deborah Smith