Roberson/Robinson, Mathew?

Birth Name Roberson/Robinson, Mathew?
Gender male


"Robertson, Matthew 4D 2 July 1769 C20:138 350a NW fork Long Cane commonly called Little River Long, Matt. Logan, John(NE); Patton, Arthur(NE); Cameron, Alex.(SW); Admiston, William(SW)"
[kdd: Mathew Robinson b.1759 would be too young, so probably their father]


Family of Roberson/Robinson, Mathew?


Family probably arrived in Long Cane, old Ninety Six District, SC about 1769 ( fortunately, after the Long Cane Massacre!).
The Walker's arrived in 1767
Mona Mills, May 2008:
A 1790 land record exists for David Robinson in Abbeville. His land was bounded by land owned by Matthew Robinson and John Robinson, and was located on the NW fork of Long Cane:
"I do whereby certify for David Robinson a Tract of Land containing One Hundred & Seventy-two Acres (Surveyed for him the 5th day of January 1790) Situate in the District of Ninety Six on Little River on the NoWT fork of Long Cane & hath such from marks & buttings & boundings as the above plat Represents. Give under my hand this 26th day of May 1790. F. Bremer Sn Genl. Witness: Wm Lesley, Illegible."

The accompanying plat indicated that Matthew, John and David Robinson all owned land next to each other. Other neighbors listed were Edward Giles and Danl(?) McAlister.
David's descendants - notable middle names: Walker, Newton, Magee.
Were in Tippah Co., MS with Liddell related families.
Also, Mona's comments here -
=> more relationships with Kerr's.

kdd: several lines of evidence suggest they were kin from Augusta Co, VA. see notes under David Roberson.
Samuel Robinson's descendants are DNA matches too.
Joseph Robbison is closest Robbison in 1790 Census Abbeville, SC

Probably related -

Name Birth Date Death Date
Robinson, John
Robertson, Davidbetween 1750 and 1755before 1821-06-01
Robbison, Josephabout 1758
Robinson, Mathew1759after 1840
Robinson, Samuelbetween 1760 and 1770