Robertson, David

Birth Name Robertson, David
Also Known As Roberson
Also Known As Robinson
Also Known As Robeson
Also Known As Robbison
Gender male
Age at Death less than 71 years, 5 months


1 Jun 1821 Will of David Robertson of Franklin Co, TN probated

Thought to be "Scotch-Irish" -

Roberson family researcher, Ann Donovan -

James K Wilkerson said, "David W Roberson is buried on the old Denson homeplace, the field with the burial plot was purchased by my grandfather around 1990." [kdd: This must be David Walker Roberson , s/o Mathew Newton Roberson]

Speculation by Kathryn Coombs -
"This family tends to hold firm to the border Scots tradition of naming the eldest son after the father's father. Therefore, it is likely that his father was named either MATHEW, JAMES, SAMUEL or DAVID, as these are the names of his sons listed in his will (birth order unknown)"
His father could have been born anywhere in the broad range of about 1695 to
1740... [likely candidates in Augusta Co, VA]"
[Kyle: Isabelle , brother David, b~1736, d/o John of Rockbridge Robinson
John brother of Matthew! Rockbridge Co, VA - > Isabelle, etc moved to Augusta Co, VA by 1753 ]
Isabelle Robinson Kerr moved to Greene Co, TN -
These Kerr's were among earliest settlers of Scot-Irish migration to SC (Lancaster, PA -> Augusta, VA -> Abbeville District, SC)
Also in above link, intriguing association of names:
The estate file has a 13 Dec. 1805 bond with David Kerr, John Robinson, Archibald Walker, and Martin Loftis adm.
Inventory on 3 Jan. 1806 by James Foster, Milton Paschal, and Wm. Bole, of Wm. and Lettice Kerr. Sale 6 Jan. 1806,
with buyers Nancy Kerr, Jenny Kerr, David Kerr, Isabella Kerr, and others.
David Kerr is nearby in 1790 Census of Abbeville District, SC

2 Veterans of American Revolution from "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution"
1) "David Roberson" served in the militia under Col . Brandon before and after the fall of Charleston. AA 6473: X3089
2) "David Roberson" served under Cols. Eli and Joseph Kershaw during 1778 and was under a Capt. Petty and Gen Sumter during 1780. In addtion, he served under Col. Marshall during 1779, 1781, and 1782. A.A.6473; Y1573

Not to be confused with David Roberson (1730-1806) of Thicketty Creek, Cherokee Co, SC who married Jane Homes then Jane Dunlap and they had son Mathew who married Susannah Hogan and David who married Jane Headen, but the common given names and locations indicate they could be related -

annoying number of trees on claim David is son of "Lee Robertson" and "Shirley Weber" with reference to LDS' IGI. There is no such record in the IGI; appears to have been an inappropriate relationship on OneWorldTree.

The line of Matthew Robinson who came from Augusta Co, VA to Abbeville District, SC (neighbors in 1790 Census) is a close DNA match to the David Roberson line -

Matthew Robinson bought land in Long Cane Creek, Abbeville District, SC in 20 Feb 1769 next door to John Logan. Could this be David's father? Long Cane Creek also where Kerr's & Walker's settled.

Early Settlers of Augusta Co, VA -
"James Robertson (b. bef. 1701, d. unknown), additional research needed on this family..

William Robertson (Beverley Manor NE, 473 acres acquired from his father-in-law James Kerr in 1764), (b. 6 Feb. 1718, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, d. 1812, Augusta County, Virginia), married Letitia Kerr, daughter of James Kerr. William was a son of James Robertson, listed above. ",_Virginia_-_Surnames_P-T

The Kerr's were neighbors of the Robinson's in Beverly Manor -


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1750 and 1755 prob. Augusta Co, VA    
Event Note

birthdates from Mona Mills -
before 1775 based on 45+ in 1820 Census
before 1762 based on son Mathew's birth.
before 1760 based on service in Rev.War.
before 1755 based on 45+ in 1800 Census.

Death before 1821-06-01 Franklin Co.,TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roberson/Robinson, Mathew?
         Robertson, David between 1750 and 1755 before 1821-06-01
    Brother     Robbison, Joseph about 1758
    Brother     Robinson, Mathew 1759 after 1840
    Brother     Robinson, John
    Brother     Robinson, Samuel between 1760 and 1770


Family of Robertson, David and (Robertson), ?

Married Wife (Robertson), ? ( * after 1756 + after 1821 )

Probably came to Abbeville District, SC before 1777 with Mathew Robinson -
note "David Robertson" tax delinquent in Augusta Co, VA 1779:

Likely him:
home in 1790: Abbeville District, SC as "David Robbison"
3m>16 3m<16 4f

home in 1800: Abbeville District, SC "David Robertson"
3M<10 1m10-15 3m16-25 1m>45 2f<10 1f10-15 2f16-25 1f26-44
===> 3 more sons than are known! might be grandsons.
Moved from Abbeville District, South Carolina to Franklin Co.Tennessee - ca. 1809/1810
based on birth location of daughter Isabella, as reported in her obit -
Obituary, Banner of Peace and Cumberland Presbyterian Newspaper, Lebannon, TN. Friday Sep 12, 1851, Vol 10 No. 4 "Died 8-18-1851 near Caledonia, Lowndes Co., MS, Mrs. Isabella Donathan, consort of Rev. Stephen W. Donathan, born Abbeville Dist, SC 5-4-1796."

Based on descendants given names, I assume their wives unknown names were Walker, Magee, or Newton. Associated family names from Abbeville were Kerr, Reed, Emerson, Burleson... See neighbors here -

1812 Tax & Voter List of Franklin Co, TN "David Robertson"
Neighbors include Johnson Emberson, Daniel Martin, James & John Robinson, Daniel Harrison, James Donathan, Hezekiah & George Faris, and William Logan.

Dec.28, 1812 purchased 17 1/2 ac. land on "Bruers Creek", the south fork of Duck River, Franklin Co, TN
1820 Census: m26-45, m45+, f25-45, f45+
- altho 1820 census is roughly alphabetical and other Robertson's in Franklin County, only Matthew , James, and David are together.

Husband: David Roberson - Wife: Unknown
Birth: Date: Unknown Place: Moved from Abbeville South Carolina to
Franklin Co.Tennessee - ca. 1809/1810
Death: Before 1 Jun 1821 Place: Franklin Co. Tennessee
Burial: (Note 1) Place: Franklin Co. Tennessee
Probated will under date of 1 Jun 1821 named child Mathew and other children, including Samuel, James Walker, and David, Jr. There may have been other children. We know of possibly five daughters.

1. M Child: Samuel Roberson
2. M Child: David Roberson (Jr.)
3. M Child: Mathew Newton Roberson
Birth: Unknown; Death: Before 4 Apr 1832 - Will dated 12 Nov. 1821, Franklin Co.Tennessee, probated 4 Apr 1832 lists wife Anne; children as listed. (Note 2)
Spouse: Anne or Ann
4. M Child: James Walker Roberson
Birth: Circa 1785 Place: South Carolina
Spouse: Susan Farris
Marriage: Date: Unknown - Place: Unknown
5. F Child: Isabella Roberson - Note 4
Birth: 4 May 1796 Place: Abbeville District, South Carolina
Death: 18 August 1851 Place: Lowndes Co. Mississippi
Spouse: Rev. Stephen Wilburn Donathan
6. F Child: (Daughter) Roberson - (Note 5)
Spouse: Rev. James Donathan
7. F Child: (Daughter) Roberson
Spouse: John Bingham
8. F Child: (Daughter) Roberson - (Note 6)
Spouse: William Logan
9. F Child: (Daughter) Harrison - (Notes 6 and 7)
Spouse: (Unknown) Harrison - Son: David Harrison
Note 1: Will 1 Jun 1821 Franklin Co. Tennessee
Note 2: Will 12 Nov 1821 Franklin Co. Tennessee
Note 3: 7 Apr 1812, Town Lot, Winchester Tenn. Deed 17 Aug 1813, Abner Tatum of Madison Co. MT to Matthew Roberson, 149 1/4 acres.
Note 4: 4 Jan 1825 Stephen Donathan to John Russell, tract of land; 17 Mar 1827 Thos. H. Fletcher to Stephen Donathan, 115
Note 5: 26 Feb 1833 Deed - James Donathan of Jackson Co. Alabama to John Farris, 115 acres; 11 Feb 1833 Deed - James Donathan to John L. Keith, 115 acres.
Note 6: 11 May 1812 - John Strother of Rutherford Co. TN to Matthew and James Robertson, 255 1/2 A.
22 Dec. 1812 - M. & J. Robertson to Edward Smith 255 1/2 A.
9 Oct. 1810 - Deed 160A. 2nd Dist. from Philip Koonce to David Robertson.
4 May 1811 - Deed 17 1/2 A. David Robinson & James Elam of Bedford Co. TN to Joseph Kenyon.
4 Sep 1817 - Deed - David R - to Daniel Harrison - tract of land.
11 Jan 1827 - Deed 60 A. Mathew and David R. to Clement Arledge.
Note 7: Nephew David Harrison (?) born c. 1815 TN (1850 Census)
Note 8: Land bought from Stephen Donathan.
Note 9: 6 Jul 1833, James Roberson to his niece Polly Roberson, daughter of his late brother, Matthew.
Note 10: Sources for children's names and dates: Denson files; Gattis files; 1840/1850/1860/1870 Franklin Co. Tennessee

Name Birth Date Death Date
Robertson, Daughter 4
Robertson, Daughter 5
Robertson, Mathew Newtonbetween 1780 and 1790before 1832-04-00
Robertson, Janeabout 1782
Robertson, James Walkerabout 1785
Robertson, Margaret17891877-09-20
Roberson, David Jrbetween 1790 and 1800after 1840
Robertson, Isabella1796-05-041851-08-10
Robertson, Samuelabout 1800between 1845 and 1850