Williams, Charles

Birth Name Williams, Charles
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 80 years


from Bio of Charles Williams by Mike Landwehr:

Speculation he married Elizabeth Emery in Hardin Co, KY 1804. Lived in Lincoln Co, TN from 1809 to perhaps 1840. He shows up in Hot Spring, AR after 1840. The Charles Williams in 1820 Census of Lincoln Co, TN had this family:

one male aged 26-44
one female aged 26-44
one male aged between 16 and 18
one male under ten years of age
five females under ten years of age.

Known children were all born after 1820:
Elizabeth Williams was born in Tennessee 1825-26, and was married to Jacob Burnett in Hot Spring County on June 14, 1846.
Martha Ann Williams was born in Tennesse 1827-28, and was married to Willis Albert Pond in Hot Spring County on October 29, 1846.
Louisa C. ‘Eliza’ Williams was born in Tennessee 1836-38, and was married to Charles McKibbean Anderson in Hot Spring County on May 9, 1867.
William Henry Williams was born in Arkansas ca 1843, and was married to Mary E. Shannon in Hot Spring County on September 5, 1860.

Military Service: Charles Williams served in the War of 1812 from Lincoln County, Tennessee. Charles served as a Private in Captain Thomas Delany’s Company of the 2nd Regiment of the West Tennessee Militia, commanded by Colonel Leroy Hammond. Charles claimed that he was drafted at Fayetteville, in Lincoln County, on September 20, 1814, and was discharged at Fayetteville on March 20, 1815.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1786 VA or TN    
Event Note

64 on June 1, 1850
65 on January 4, 1851
70 on September 20, 1857
76 on June 1, 1860

Death after 1866 Hot Spring Co, AR    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Williams, John?
Mother (Williams), Margaret?between 1760 and 1770before 1840
    Sister     Williams, Elizabeth about 1780 1840
         Williams, Charles about 1786 after 1866
    Brother     Williams, John about 1790 1848
    Sister     Williams, Sarah Milly about 1790 1883
    Sister     Williams, Mary Ann about 1791 about 1845
    Brother     Williams, Jeremiah 1802 after 1870


Family of Williams, Charles and (Williams), Elizabeth

Married Wife (Williams), Elizabeth ( * + ... )

Married twice ; both wives named Elizabeth