Williams, Mary Ann

Birth Name Williams, Mary Ann
Nick Name Polly
Also Known As Polly
Gender female
Age at Death about 54 years


her son Thomas Hall said his father was from TN and mother from SC
her son Jesse Hall said father from TN, mother from TN
her son Samuel Hall said father from VA, mother from TN
her son David Hall said father from TN, mother from TN
daughter Nancy Wann said father from NC, mother from AL
but daughter Permelia I think was correct - father from NC, mother from TN

descendants relate that she was "Black Dutch" (Pennsylvania Germans)

Mike Landwehr notes -
"The Minutes of the Paint Rock Primitive Baptist Church include an entry indicating that "Sister Mary Hall" died in November of 1847. This may be a record of Polly's death, but I have some doubts about this."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1791 TN    
Event Note

Early trees claimed she was born in Henry Co, TN , but this is extremely unlikely.

Death about 1845 Swaim, Jackson, AL    
Burial about 1845 Jackson Co, AL Prince Point or Swaim Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Williams, John?
Mother (Williams), Margaret?between 1760 and 1770before 1840
    Sister     Williams, Elizabeth about 1780 1840
    Brother     Williams, Charles about 1786 after 1866
    Brother     Williams, John about 1790 1848
    Sister     Williams, Sarah Milly about 1790 1883
         Williams, Mary Ann about 1791 about 1845
    Brother     Williams, Jeremiah 1802 after 1870


Family of Hall, James Carter? and Williams, Mary Ann

Married Husband Hall, James Carter? ( * about 1786 + 1870-08-05 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1810   Marriage of Hall, James and Williams, Mary Ann "Polly" 1 2 3a
Event Note

Numerous old trees claim they were married in Henry Co, TN, which is extremely unlikely. Henry Co, TN wasn't formed until 1821! Much of it was in Trigg Co, KY before that. It is more likely they married in Lincoln Co, TN because of James Hall's land grants there at that time.

incorrect entry in many trees to married in 10 Sep 1806. This was confusion over a different family of Halls in Washington Co, KY -


James and Polly had 19 children, but 3 died young ( probably in the smallpox epidemic late 1830's). A review of 1830 vs 1840 US Census shows 3 unknown children, added., however the 1820 Census of James Hall in Lincoln Co, TN does NOT show extra daughters ( only 3 in 1820: Elizabeth, Jerusha, & Permelia). More likely the extra children were born between 1830 and 1837.

1809: Petition to Protect Settler's Land ( "South-Eastern Bedford Co at the time)
1812: tax roll of Franklin Co, TN has a "James M Hall" next to "Thomas Hall" http://www.tngenweb.org/franklin/frantax.htm
1818-1819: Land records in Lincoln Co, TN on Bends Creek, south fork of Elk River (on border with Franklin Co, and near a grist mill in Franklin County later mentioned by descendants)
1820: James Hall in Lincoln Co, TN (note small family in Franklin Co could not be them)
1830: Huge family in Jackson County, TN "West of the 4th Range Line (pg 93)

great-grandson Willie Hall recalled only these children "He was married twice and reared several children, Thomas Hall, Elija, Elisha, Dave, Sam, and one girl, Fannie"

son Thomas Hall lists the heirs of his estate for Letters of Administration:
widow Leatha Hall
John in Missouri
Thomas , the petitioner
Jerutha Taylor
Jessee in Missouri
Elizabeth Taylor in Missouri*
Samuel Hall*
Elijah (Elizabeth) Hall in Texas*
Elisha Hall, Ark
James Hall, Ark
William Hall in Missouri*
Permelia Vandiver*
David Hall
Cyntha Murphy*
Mary Prince
Nancy Wann
Frany(Fanny) Robertson
[note somewhat different order than known!]*

from HISTORY OF JACKSON COUNTY, ALABAMA by John Robert Kennamer, Decatur, Al 1935:
"The valleys of the Tennessee, Paint Rock and the low level lands lying along Crow, Mud and Sauta Creeks were covered with dense cane-brakes, brushwood and briers matted together with vines; and towering above all this were large oak, poplar, gum and other trees, with a lake or lagoon here and there. The ridges and coves which were bordered by the Cumberland, Sand, and Gunter's Mountain were fertile and had a luxuriant growth of cane and forest.
The mountain tops were better suited for the early settler to make his home, with no undergrowth except tall grass with trees far enough apart that one could drive a team and wagon for miles without a road. Deer were plentiful and turkeys as numerous as chickens are at the present time. Upon the waters bevies of ducks, geese, and other wild fowls dived and circled in play. One has described these mountains as follows: "The mountain air sighed through the tree tops as pure and sweet as the breath of a maiden; squirrels gambled in the forest trees; turkeys gobbled and strutted on the mountains; eagles screamed from their lofty perch on towering cliffs; and doves cooed their story of love on every hill and in every dale."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Hall, Elizabethabout 18101842
Hall, John Wabout 1811between 1860 and 1870
Hall, Thomas Washington Sr1812-05-231897-10-02
Hall, Jeruthaabout 1814between 1870 and 1880
Hall, Jesse1815-04-011896-03-20
Hall, daughter1between 1816 and 1820before 1840
Hall, daughter2between 1816 and 1820before 1840
Hall, Elisha Prescottabout 18181889-11-09
Hall, Elijah1819-03-161884-12-14
Hall, Permeliaabout 1820-02-00about 1904-11-00
Hall, William Carrollabout 1821after 1861
Hall, sonbetween 1823 and 1825before 1840
Hall, Samuel1826-01-261910-08-27
Hall, James Cabout 18291862-06-06
Hall, Maryabout 1831before 1856
Hall, David H1832-03-101911-07-18
Hall, Nancyabout 1834between 1880 and 1900
Hall, Cynthia Annabout 1837after 1860
Hall, Jonathanabout 1838after 1860

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