Decker, Issac

Birth Name Decker, Issac
Call Name Ike
Birth Name Decker, Issac 1 2
Also Known As Isaac
Gender male
Age at Death more than 44 years


John Decker: The portion of Jan Decker, Sr. lineage that deals with Issac is not proven. It is a lineage of 'an' Isaac Decker. Circumstances seem to dictate there is a very good possibility that Jan Decker, Sr. and Dina were the parents of this Isaac.
Merle James Moore, Sr: The following is taken as proof of the lineage:

From Holly Henderson (RootsWeb):

From an article in the April 4, 1968 in the "Valley Advance" reprinted in the June 1985 issue of the "Trail Tracer"

The oldest of these five Isaac's was Isaac DECKER, son of John DECKER and wife Dina KUYKENDALL (both born in 1719). Isaac was born in VA about 1746 and came to Indiana in 1784 with his parents and several of his brothers and their families. He was old enough to escape the confusion with the younger Isaac's. He acquired land in Knox Co., IN, part of it in 1790 as payment for service in the Indiana State Militia. I can find no record of his marriage nor of any children, nor of his death and estate settlement.

"History of Knox and Daviess Counties, Indiana",pg 205, lists Decker's in Indiana Militia, July 19, 1790:
Ike, Abraham, Moses, John (and James Johnson twice)

He may have moved into IL and his records would be there.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1746 Virginia, USA    
Death after 1790 Knox, IN 1801?  
Event Note

1801 in private msg from Ellen Decker.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Decker, Jan Jansen, Sr.1719-06-071791-01-10
Mother Kuykendall, Belinda1718-01-181797-01-10
    Brother     Decker, Tobias between 1740 and 1745 1802-09-27
    Sister     Decker, Sarah between 1739 and 1745
    Sister     Decker, Elizabeth 1741-05-22 before 1791
    Sister     Decker, Barbara 1743-10-09 1788
    Sister     Decker, Susannah about 1745 1838
         Decker, Issac 1746 after 1790
    Brother     Decker, Joseph before 1750 1810-01-20
    Brother     Decker, Abraham about 1750 after 1790
    Brother     Decker, John 1752 1791
    Brother     Decker, Moses about 1758 1814-07-30
    Brother     Decker, Luke 1760 1825-03-23


Family of Decker, Issac and Chamberlain, Sarah

Married Wife Chamberlain, Sarah ( * + ... )