Decker, Tobias

Birth Name Decker, Tobias 1
Birth Name Decker, Tobias
Gender male
Age at Death between 56 years, 8 months, 27 days and 62 years, 8 months, 26 days


Note by Verla Pinkerton; On Sep 8, 1778 a Tobias Decker was witness to a deed in Yohogania Co., Virgina.
After Jan sold Lot #9 on the South Branch of the Potomac and relocated to Yohogania Co., Virginia (later Washington Co., Pa.), he and his sons all applied for land on Pigeon Creek, a tributary of the Monongahela River at the same time, August 26, 1769, under the New Purchase Agreement:
Application # 3779 Joseph Decker
#3780 Moses Decker
#3781 Tobias Decker
#3782 John Decker
#3783 Abraham Decker
Other records for Yohogania Co. / Washington Co. list a Tobias Decker as having taken the Oath of Fidelity, registering an ear mark for his animals, and proving the will of John Devoir in 1779. In 1780 he served on a jury.

associated names for these land grants -
"Abraham Decker was granted a warrant dated August 26, 1769, having originally claimed all land now occupied by the upper part of Monongahela. This tract was seventy acres.
The remaining riverfront from Monongahela to Dry Run Road was claimed and deeded to Paul Frohman. The heirs of William Penn were paid approximately twenty-five cents an acre by Decker and Frohman. In 1770, Joseph Parkinson purchased the Decker lands while other early settlers were Tobias Decker, John Decker, and Adam Wickerham."

He took Oath of Allegiance at an important council of war held at Catfish Camp on January 28, 1777

from "HIstory of Knox and Daviess Counties, Indiana...", pg 136
"Tobias Decker claims four hundred acres, settled upon by permission of the court, which he proves to have been givern 1785, and then, and before 1781, a number of fruit trees had been planted there, and several houses built; some two or more acres of corn planted, and other improvements. One hundred acres of land to be surveyed for him; he now lives upon the land."

from Ellen Decker, "Tobias signed a petition Aug 7, 1797 to congress to get deeds for land that they have been granted in 1786 but never received the deeds."

Included in Knox County history of Revolutionary War Soldiers:
"Tobias Decker was born 1749 Ulster County, New York. He died after 1802 in Knox County, Indiana and probably buried in the Old Decker Cemetery which has been washed away by the White River. He married 1764 Sarah born Hampshire County, Virginia. Children: Barbara born 1765 married Allen Ramsey; Jacob; Luke married Elizabeth Cait; Isaac; Tobias married Hannah Dunham; Abraham. Source Page 18, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1980."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1740 and 1745 Kingston, Ulster, NY    
Military Service     fought in Revolutionary War from Yohogania Co, VA  
Event Note

Says Tobias fought for Virginia, while John, Joseph, Luke fought for Pennsylvania (prob the same)

Also mentioned here -

Death 1802-09-27 Gibson, IN    
Event Note

Indiana didn't become a state until 1816


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Decker, Jan Jansen, Sr.1719-06-071791-01-10
Mother Kuykendall, Belinda1718-01-181797-01-10
         Decker, Tobias between 1740 and 1745 1802-09-27
    Sister     Decker, Sarah between 1739 and 1745
    Sister     Decker, Elizabeth 1741-05-22 before 1791
    Sister     Decker, Barbara 1743-10-09 1788
    Sister     Decker, Susannah about 1745 1838
    Brother     Decker, Issac 1746 after 1790
    Brother     Decker, Joseph before 1750 1810-01-20
    Brother     Decker, Abraham about 1750 after 1790
    Brother     Decker, John 1752 1791
    Brother     Decker, Moses about 1758 1814-07-30
    Brother     Decker, Luke 1760 1825-03-23


Family of Decker, Tobias and Chamberlain or Westfall?, Sarah

Married Wife Chamberlain or Westfall?, Sarah ( * 1742 + before 1802 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1764 Hampshire, VA    

Moved from the Dutch area of New York and Northern New Jersey to what is now Hampshire County, West Virginia (then Virginia), in 1743. Moved about 1767 to Yohogania County, Virginia (which became part of Pennsylvania about 1780) and left there in 1784 to go to Knox County, Indiana.
very soon after the treaty of Nov. 5, 1768, "situated on either side of the Monongahela, were Abraham Decker, Tobias Decker, John Decker"

Tobias Decker, John Decker, John Chamberlain in minutes of court of Yohogania County, VA April 1778.
"along the Monongohela River", 'Luke Decker and John Johnson produced Commissions from his Excellency the Governor appointing them Ensigns in the Militia, for this County, which being read the said Luke Decker and John Johnson came into Court and took Oath..."

home in 1790: "Thobias Family Decker" Knox Co, IN (Indiana Census, 1790-1890)
home in 1807: who is the Tobias Decker in Knox County, IN ?
1820 Knox Co: Jacob, John, Luke, Abraham, Nicholas, 2 Elizabeth's, and Isaac T Decker

"French And British Land Grants In The Post Vincennes (Indiana) District, 1750-1784"
Tobias lived on the north side of White River. Isaac Decker along SE side of White River. Moses, Sr & Luke along the Des Chis River. These names associated:
James Johnson along White River
Robert Johnson along Des Chis next to Luke Decker
John Johnson, Jr to John Gibson; Richard Johnson to John Johnson; John Gibson adjoins James Johnson along Mill Creek.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Decker, Barbara1765-02-101818-09-24
Decker, Jacob1768before 1841-06-16
Decker, Josephabout 1771between 1813 and 1820
Decker, Johnabout 1775
Decker, Luke17781835-03-23
Decker, Abrahamabout 17841855-04-11
Decker, Isaac Tobias17861824

Source References

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