Taylor, James, Jr.

Birth Name Taylor, James, Jr.
Birth Name Taylor, James
Birth Name Taylor, James Jr
Gender male
Age at Death about 80 years


family researcher Lanita Sconce Smith tracks James Taylor, Jr from Craven Co, NC to Rutherford Co, TN to Franklin Co, TN and thence Jackson Co, AL. where he died, ~1845

kdd - doubtful that our James Taylor was in Ruthersford Co, TN 1810. Identified 2 there as different families and the 1810 TN Census is incomplete. James Taylor's are found in various tax lists in Blount, Anderson, Grainger, and Stewart, and Wilson counties, 1800-1810. In addition, 1813-1819 his daughters were born in Kentucky; possible match in 1810 in Franklin, KY ( Franklin County or Franklin in Simpson Co?)
James Taylor: 5m<10, m10-15, m45+, f<10, f10-15, f45+ . Only confirmation I have that these Taylor's came from Craven Co, NC is son John was born there.

In "Records of Jones County, North Carolina, 1779-1868, Vol.1"
"Apr 5, 1778. Wiliam Taylor to James Taylor, both of Craven Co, NC, for 40 shillings, 100 acres being land taken up by James Taylor, Sr. deceased, on S. side of Trent river adjoining land of Abraham Busset where he lived on Crooked Run. Wts: Daniel Simmons, J. Taylor
June 6, 1778. John Oliver to Rachel Taylor, both of Craven Co., for 50 pds. 100 acres on S. side of Trent river in Craven Co. at Risdon McDaniel's line. Wts: Cornelius Taylor, Mary Brackson."
However, James Taylor, Sr bought this land in 1757 - before he allegedly immigrated -
"8 January 1757 - DB 9/10, p. 333, QCD - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Thomas JARMIN, 40 acres for 40 pounds on the South side of Neuse River called by the name of Crooked Run, patented by Abraham BUSSETT, beginning at the road side, John FREDERICK'S line, joining William AKINGS line. Court records indicate 84 acres on oath of Arthur BARNES. "
Clearly several different James Taylors in numerous land deeds in Craven County, NC. Probably the ones associate with Elisha Beasley, bondsman at his marriage.
"26 January 1775 - Craven DB 23, p.255 - JAMES TAYLOR purchased from Elisha BEASLEY, et. al Core Creek, 100 acres for 100 pds known as Shooting Ponds, SS Neuse River, NS Core Creek adj. Great Glades. Signed: Elisha (x) Bealsey & Fearnot (x) Beasley. Wit: Brice Fonville, James Carmack, David Civill. "
"March 1775 - Deed of sale from Elisha BEESLEY to JAMES TAILOR for 100 acres was proved by the oath ABRAHAM TAILOR, one of the Witnesses. (Craven Court Minutes; Vol 7, #190; Haun)."
"9 December 1775 - Craven DB 22, p. 253 - JAMES TAYLOR and wife Elizabeth sold to Elisha BEASLEY and wife, Fearnot BEASLEY. 100 acres known by the name of the Shooting Ponds, lying & being in Craven Co on the south side of Neuse River and on the north side of Core Creek and joining the Great Glade. Wit: Brice Fonville, James Carmack and David Civill. ( Proven on oath of James Carmack, at the December Craven Inferior Court.) "
"28 January 1786 - Craven DB 28, p. 9 - JAMES TAYLOR, planter, purchased from Elisha (x) BEASLEY, 100 acres on south side Neuse River and on the west side of Core Creek, beginning at a pine near Fearnot BEASLEY, deceased's corner near Solomon BEASLEY'S, BEASLEY'S corner near the Great Glade Branch. Wit: Ebenezer SLADE, Elizabeth SLADE.. Reg. June Craven Court 1786."
"1787 - #822 - Land Entry - John DALY - WS Core Creek - adj JOHN AND JAMES TAYLOR, Robert Piper DALY, John Edge Thomlinson. (Pruit). (Note: above this entry is #821 - 1787 to John DALY 200 acres WS Core Creek - a patent that belonged to Simon BEASLEY sold by Elisha BEASLEY and JOHN TAYLOR to Charles ACTIN - line of FearNot BEASLEY'S patent, William McCOY)."
This one especially, ties together Beasley, Taylor, and White:
"12 May 1792 - Craven DB 29, p. 493 - JAMES TAYLOR sold to David WHITE, 50 acres for 20 pounds, SS Neuse River, West side Core Creek it being part of a large tract granted to Jeremiah SLADE, beginning at the creek run, with courses of the patent near the lands now in the possession of the JAMES TAYLOR, then North, then East to the Creek run, up the creek to the beginning. Wit: John BEASLEY and Samuel WHITE."
Here, James Taylor, Jr appears to sell his inheritance back to his father, James Taylor, Sr [in prep to move?]
"1807 December Term DB 37, p. 232 - JAMES TAYLOR, Jr. to JAMES TAYLOR, Sr. - Sells for $150, all the right that I have to the land that I got by my mother (not named), to his father, JAMES TAYLOR Sr. or that I should have had after his death to any of his land. I hereby warrant and defend all the right that I had or should have had at his death from me, my heirs and assigns. Wit: Chris Aclin, Austin Prescott and James Beasley. "

Of all the James Taylor land deeds in Craven Co, NC, this one might be him as he would have sold his land before moving to KY.
"Bk 38, pg 331 - 17 March 1812 - James TAYLOR, Collector of Port of Ocrocoke, bond to John SEARS and Robert HUNT for $2000 to secure duties as collector which land was executed by the sd John and Robert . By deed James TAYLOR dated 7 October 1810 convey unto William Shephard of New Bern land in Carteret on Portsmouth Banks known by the name of Main Treaton etc. Wit: Abner PASTEUR."

In the book "The families of John D. Taylor, Henry Beason, and Henry McKie" by Verna Lerdall, c1994
says John D Taylor was born in Craven Co, NC.

Definitely him - by Ann B Chambless:
"The Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church was organized in November 1819, one month before Alabama was admitted to the Union. I have a copy of the church minutes from November 1819 through 1919. It is thought was this was THE first Baptist church organized in Jackson County, AL. Most likely it was a simple, single room, log building. According to the 1821 minutes, Brother Archibald McDaniel agreed to build a door and a table for the use of the Mud Creek meeting house for the sum of $2.50. In
October 1822, repairs were made to the first building. In 1824, a second building was constructed. Daniel Peyton, James Taylor, and Andrew Estes were appointed to superintend building the NEW meeting house by subscription. This building may have had a dirt floor until 1843, as in May 1843 Brother Richard Wilson was appointed to FLOOR the meeting house. One must remember that steam saw mills made the scene in Jackson County about 1840 or shortly thereafter.
After an intense study of the 1819-1844 minutes of the Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church, I reached the conclusion that the ORIGINAL church building was located near Kyle Springs and the outskirts of what we now know as Carns, Alabama. This is based on the places of residence of the 1819 charter members AND the man to whom the church key was given because he lived closest to the building and could build a fire in cold months when needed. He was the first "building superintendent" after the men built the first building.
In 1844, Joseph Eustace deeded the land on the northwestern edge of present-day Hollywood where the Old Baptist Cemetery is located and a NEW church building was constructed on the Eustace donated land, and it was completed (to some degree) by April 1845 when Joseph Eustace was appointed to keep the key to the NEW church house. In 1847, Brothers Sewell and Wm. O. Haynes
were appointed to obtain subscriptions to "finish the new meeting house". In January 1848, the membership paid $22.625 for a stove. Did they use a fireplace before that date?
The 17 charter members of the Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church were:
David and Pheraby Benton; Hugh and Betsey Gentry; John and Hannah Horn; Richard and Betsey Wilson; Isaac Cates; Anderson Robertson; Betsey Nicholds' Betsey Stanfield; Piercey Blagg; Nancy McDaniel; Nancy Lewis; Nancy Estes; and Nancy Ward.
During the first six months of 1820, the following joined the Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church:
Hannah Barbee (wife of Abimelech Barbee); Daniel and Elizabeth Forbus/Forbes; Hannah Mathis; David Nicholds; Jessee Thrasher; James and Nancy Taylor; RIchard Stogsdill; William Hutchinson; Polly Estes; Martha Thrasher; Penny Melton; Jane Kinningham; Sally York; Prudence Hall; Lydia Drew; Isaac Wilson; Stephen Hughs; William Wilson; Betsey Stewart; Sally Hughs; William Tubbs; Daniel and Mary Peyton; James Hall; Josiah and Betsey Conn; Sally Mitchell; Polly Robertson; and Sally Townsend.
In June 1820, the church voted that every male should pay 25 cents annually for defraying church expense. Anderson Robertson was chosen church treasurer.
By early 1821, there was a "regular" Baptist Church in Jackson County because the church minutes show that "Brother Hutcherson/Hutchinson was dismissed for joining the Schismatick and communing with them".

James age from Census records:
1820: 45+ or <1775
1830: 60-69 or 1761-1770
1840: 70-79 or 1761-1770

A single hh in 1800 NC matches ages of James, Nancy, and Thomas - "James Taylor, Jr" in Kinston, Lenoir, NC, but he is still there in 1810 and 1820.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1765 Craven, NC (location probable) 1 2
Death about 1845 Jackson, AL alt: Greene Co, MO  
Burial about 1845 Jackson, AL    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Taylor, James Srabout 1740after 1790
Mother (Taylor), Elizabeth?about 17451781
         Taylor, James, Jr. about 1765 about 1845
    Brother     Taylor, Peter about 1770 after 1840
    Brother     Taylor, Samuel about 1775 after 1840
    Brother     Taylor, Francis before 1775


Family of Taylor, James, Jr. and (Taylor), Nancy

Married Wife (Taylor), Nancy ( * about 1777 + 1864 )

Note coincidental marriage record about where and when James Taylor and Nancy married -
North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 about James Taylor
Name: James Taylor
Spouse: Nancy White
Bond Date: 1 Oct 1796
Bond #: 000029938
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
County: Craven
Bondsman: Elisha Beasley
Witness: S Chapman, Clerk of Court
=> unfortunately, family researcher Faye Reynolds proved this was a different couple that went to Rutherford Co, TN.

Another possible match is James Taylor and Nancy Dotson (Dodson) m. 7 Jan 1796 Cabarrus Co, NC.
- 1 year before my James and Nancy Taylor's eldest was born.
- These Taylors from Ireland.
- William Taylor arrives from Ireland in 1767! "12 years before the Revolution".
- Dotson's lived in early northwest Jackson Co, AL like the Taylor's
- curious reference to John Taylor who married Elizabeth Hall in 1802?, but James' son John married Elizabeth Hall in 1831.
- a Peter Taylor in 1810 census Cabarrus Co, NC
- Dotson's of Cabarrus Co, NC came from Chester Co, PA.

James Taylor (near a Joseph Taylor) on 1812 Tax Roll of Franklin Co, TN -
This is probably James Taylor from Greene Co, TN who married Hannah Isbell.

Probable home in Aug 7, 1820: Franklin Co, TN (only some matching children's ages and some missing)
2m10-15, m16-25, m>45, 2f<10, 2f10-15, f26-44

1829: "brother JAMES TAYLOR SR. Dismissed by Letter" from Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Jackson Co, AL
"JAMES TAYLOR J[R]. Dismissed by letter 1843"
as of 1829, also "Nancy Taylor"

home in 1830: Jackson Co, AL
The census for Jackson County is split by "Range Lines". I assume all those in the area denoted by "West of 4th Range Line" [area where James Hall lived - NW Jackson County] could have associated with each other. This area comprises pages 89-146 of the Census. Unfortunately, James Taylor, Sr. lives East of the 4th Line Range, along with Francis
James Taylor : pg45 m5-9, 1m20-29, 1m60-69, 1f5-9, 2f10-14, 1f15-19, 1f40-49
Francis Taylor : pg15 m<5, m20-29, f<5, f10-14, f<20
John Taylor : pg15 m<5, 2m5-9, 1m30-39, f<5, f20-29 (next door to Francis)
Thomas Taylor: pg134 2m<5, 2m5-9, 1m30-39, 1f<5, 1f20-29
Jesse Taylor : pg43 m5-9, m20-29, f<5, f20-29
John Taylor : pg43 2m<5, m5-9, m20-29, f<5, f5-9, f20-29 (near Jesse)
note: neither of these John's matches our John Taylor's family. also looks like one of his son's families living in James hh.

Jun 15, 1831: first land patents granted in Jackson Co, AL, includes a James Taylor:
W½SW 35/ 2-S 6-E No Huntsville AL Jackson
(note Jesse Taylor nearby) This is ~25 miles from the Hall's!

1840 Census: (James Hall pg 101)
James pg105: 1m70-80 , 1f50-60, 1f10-15, 1f15-20
Francis pg77: m<5, m10-14, m30-39, f<5, f5-9, f10-14, f30-39
Jesse pg49: m<5, m30-39, f<5, 2f5-9, f30-39

Name Birth Date Death Date
Taylor, Thomas Edward1797between 1870 and 1880
Taylor, Francis1800between 1840 and 1850
Taylor, John D Srabout 18011875-01-30
Taylor, Jesse1803between 1860 and 1870
Taylor, James IIIabout 1806between 1850 and 1860
Taylor, Stephenabout 1809
Taylor, Elizabethabout 18091849-09-00
Taylor, Henryabout 18121860
Taylor, Sarah A1813-07-061896-03-13
Taylor?, Nancyabout 1815between 1870 and 1880
Taylor, Margaret S1819-01-041877-11-04
Taylor, Shadrack18201890-09-14