Decker, Jacob

Birth Name Decker, Jacob
Gender male
Age at Death less than 73 years, 5 months, 15 days


A Jacob Decker in Pike County, IN died intestate before 16 Jun 1841 when Samuel S Johnson was granted administrator of his estate. Possibly Samuel was a brother-in-law. The only Samuel Johnson in the 1840 census is in Knox Co, IN 60-70 yrs old.

hmmm, in 1820 Knox County, IN only 4 Deckers with daughters:
Daniel, Isaac, Isaac T, Abraham, Luke ( No Jacob)... because Gibson County formed where Jacob lives (see family note)

Jacob Decker does appear in an Indiana Census - in Knox County Militia in 1812
also in 1807 State Census of Knox County, pg 14


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1768 Hampshire Co, W(VA)    
Death before 1841-06-16 Pike Co., IN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Decker, Tobiasbetween 1740 and 17451802-09-27
Mother Chamberlain or Westfall?, Sarah1742before 1802
    Sister     Decker, Barbara 1765-02-10 1818-09-24
         Decker, Jacob 1768 before 1841-06-16
    Brother     Decker, Joseph about 1771 between 1813 and 1820
    Brother     Decker, John about 1775
    Brother     Decker, Luke 1778 1835-03-23
    Brother     Decker, Abraham about 1784 1855-04-11
    Brother     Decker, Isaac Tobias 1786 1824


Family of Decker, Jacob and Johnson, Margaret

Married Wife Johnson, Margaret ( * between 1780 and 1787 + between 1840 and 1850 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1805 Knox, IN    
Event Note

not listed in Indiana marriage records! date from daughters listed in hh census.


home in 1810: Knox County, IN (Gibson created in 1813)
home in 1820: Gibson County, IN ( man 26-45, girl < 10, 2 girls 10-16, woman 26-45)
-> 1 daughter (not Ellen) marries before 1830. ( Iva 1823)
home in 1830: Gibson Co, IN (man 50-59, girl 5-9, girl 10-14, woman 20-29, woman 40-49)
-> 3 remaining daughters. (Ellen 1832, Lucy 1837)
home in 1840: Pike County, IN (man 60-70, woman 50-60) next to Daniel Frederick and John Knight
note: did not move: a portion of Gibson County became Clay Township in Pike County

note - by 1850 Jacob Decker is gone from Pike County, and only a Hester Decker b. 1784 IN (living in a large household of Decker's and Thomas's) remains.

So from Indiana Marriage records in Pike County, IN, which Decker women married 1830-1840 and not in anyone else's family:
Lucy Decker John Knight 11 May 1837 Pike (Note oldest daughter is Margaret, and Iva named a daughter Lucy, and John Knight hh lives next to Jacob Decker in 1840, note John Knight's mother was Susannah Frederick)

No marriage record, but neighbor to Jacob Decker and John Knight is Michael Knight with wife 15-19 yrs.old. No other record can be found. NormanCV tree on says wife was "Sally"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Decker, Iva Elizabeth Mary Joy1805-12-031890-09-20
Decker, Ellen1810-04-111888-02-07
Decker, Lucy1817-07-171885-12-03
Decker, Sally?between 1820 and 1825