Richey, John

Birth Name Richey, John
Gender male
Age at Death about 64 years


related to Ritchey's from Ireland?


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1797 Virginia, USA    
Death 1861 Eaton, Lawrence, AR    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Richey, Josephabout 1775after 1820
    Brother     Richey, Gideon between 1794 and 1798 before 1830
    Sister     Richey, Mary 1795 1856-08-00
         Richey, John about 1797 1861
    Brother     Richey, William between 1790 and 1800
    Sister     Richey, Jane between 1800 and 1810
    Sister     Richey, Elizabeth between 1800 and 1810
    Brother     Richey, James between 1805 and 1810
    Brother     Richey, David between 1800 and 1810
    Brother     Richey, Shadrack/Chadwick about 1808 before 1850
    Sister     Richey, Susannah A 1813-08-09 1857-02-09
    Sister     Richey, Celia between 1810 and 1814 before 1849


Family of Richey, John and Woods, Mary

Married Wife Woods, Mary ( * 1796 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1817-08-08 Gibson, IN   1

see John RICHEY was born 1797 in VA, USA, and died 1861 in Lawrence
County, AR, USA. He married Mary "Polly" WOODS 08-August-1817 in
Gibson County, IN, daughter of John WOODS and Nancy DICKSON. John
Richey is buried in the Old Lebanson Cemetery at Eaton, Lawrence County,

Children of John RICHEY and Mary WOODS are:
i. John W. RICHEY, b. 16-July-1818, Gibson County, IN, USA.
2. ii. Gideon B. RICHEY, b. 04-March-1820, Gibson County, IN,
USA; d. December-1859, Lawrence County, AR, USA.
3. iii. Joseph E. RICHEY, b. 19-October-1821, Gibson County, IN,
USA; d. 15-February-1852, Lawrence County, AR, USA.
iv. Samuel F. RICHEY, b. 02-August-1823.
4. v. David L. RICHEY, b. 29-October-1825, Gibson County, IN,
USA; d. 07-May-1872, Lawrence County, AR, USA.
vi. Sally RICHEY, b. 13-December-1827, Gibson County, IN, USA;
d. Bef. 1840.
5. vii. Hamilton Woods RICHEY, b. 29-December-1829, Gibson County,
IN, USA; d. 21-March-1897, Lawrence County, AR, USA.
viii. Sarah RICHEY, b. 1831, Gibson County, IN, USA; d. Bef.
ix. Margaret E. RICHEY, b. 19-January-1832, Gibson Co., IN,
6. x. James D. RICHEY, b. 02-August-1836, Gibson Co., IN, USA;
d. Aft. 1889.
xi. Mary RICHEY, b. 28-September-1837, Gibson County, IN, USA;
m. William JONES, 16-June-1856, Lawrence Co., AR.
7. xii. William Park RICHEY, b. 22-August-1840, Gibson Co., IN,
USA; d. 04-July-1900, Eaton, Lawrence Co., AR, USA.