How did Deagle know?

I came across this excellent article reprising Deagel’s forecasts in light of vaxx deaths. I knew the stats were out there for %vaxxed by country, so I just had to see if there was a correlation! Percent vaxxed from Our World in Data. Yes, some countries claimed over 100% vaxxed! I simply picked the most… Continue reading How did Deagle know?

Whitey Extinction

The racist Left really believes Whitey will be exterminated in the long run as the migrant horde overruns and outbreeds them. But the funny thing is, “Whitey” was naturally selected over thousands of generations because of diminished sunlight in the Northern latitudes; “Darky” died out from inadequate Vitamin D generation. Now with everyone moving indoors… Continue reading Whitey Extinction

A Tower of Babel

Appropriate metaphor for the mountain of debt the central banks have created. Here $1 Trillion in stacks of $100 bills is visualized: US debt exceeds $31.5 Trillion. World debt exceeds $300 Trillion. They’re building a tower of fake money to heaven, and will reap the same fate as the Tower of Babel.

A Taste of Armegeddon

The enormous and growing death and injury toll after the Vaxx reminds me of the Star Trek episode, “A Taste of Armageddon”? Two planets engage in a simulated war on computer and the computer decides after each attack how many people died, and then the people line up to be killed in a disintegrator. Only… Continue reading A Taste of Armegeddon

Timeline to Extinction

How nice of them to quantify when humans go extinct. “Sperm levels of westerners had dipped by more than 50 percent over the past four decades. The findings hint at the worrisome risk of men being potentially unable to reproduce by 2045“ Human Penises Shrinking Sperm Count Dropping Of course, if it’s “accelerating”, they can’t… Continue reading Timeline to Extinction

The Big Picture

The death of money has been 700 years in the making. The trend line hit a real rate of 0% in 2018. Rates are the price of money and that means the real value of money went to ZERO. What happened in 1300AD? The creation of Banks! They actually want money to be worthless to… Continue reading The Big Picture

The Great Unfriending

Good article about an escapee from the Leftist, SJW, “progressive” mindset: SJW deprogrammed from the Woke cult. The Woke cult is the latest variation on cultural marxism. The success of this cult through-out our culture rests on “applied psychology”, aka, psy-ops. 1) Exploit the desire of young people to seek approbation and approval. Cheap rewards… Continue reading The Great Unfriending

Are Blue States Red?

What if every blue state only seems blue because the corruption is worse there and they cheat more? NYCA recently compiled a list of 28 grievances detailing what they believe to be material election fraud in the NY 2020 General Election. Their grievances are based on data gathered from official sources. Each grievance is linked… Continue reading Are Blue States Red?


I am so glad the billionaires will have a comfortable place to hide while they exterminate the Useless Eaters. New Renderings Show Inside Luxurious Space Hotel To Open In 2027 “The goal has always been to make it possible for large amounts of people to live, work and thrive in space.”