Down the Rabbit Hole

The story goes much, much deeper than this – Paraphernalia Discovered in Bolivian Cave Shows Ancient Ayahuasca Use The active drug in Ayahuasca is DMT. It is the drug The Evil Ones use to commune with spirits on the astral plane who tell them to screw humanity and destroy the Earth. It’s not a question… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

Incipient Idiocracy

More anti-American judges making up the law. They are trying to claim that the article in the US Constitution about a census being required to establish the number of representatives says only “residents” – so it includes non-citizens and illegal aliens! This of course is the opposite of what the founders intended. New York Court… Continue reading Incipient Idiocracy

The Squares Cancel

Ever wondered if the New Horizons probe can find KBO’s out there before Earth-based telescopes? How much closer to a KBO would NH have to be to get a better view than the best Earth based telescope? New Horizons had 2 cameras: the LORRI (8.2″) and the Ralph (2.4″): The largest telescope is the 409″… Continue reading The Squares Cancel

Killary’s Krimes

Disgusted at the smug yet wrong answer on Quora that Killary’s private email server wasn’t illegal, I thought I would “google” it. Page after page of liberal & MSM apologists for her! All critical/conservative pages removed. Google is now completely unreliable for any political searches. Try GoodGopher instead. 18 U.S. Code ยง 1924 – Unauthorized… Continue reading Killary’s Krimes


Just some thoughts on one of my favorite movies of all time – Bladerunner. SyFy showed the theatrical release (1982) then Ridley Scott’s “Final Cut” from 2007. I was rather hoping I would notice more differences but no. A couple added short segments and a few slightly longer scenes. The movie was set in 2019… Continue reading Bladerunner

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Obama’s War on America’s Energy Infrastructure.

No, going into green energy is not a good thing if it is not economical, and it is not. Obama blew $150 billion, stolen from the taxpayers, on these essentially “crony capitalist”, anti-free market projects. Obama Subsidizes U.S. Solar Energy Spain’s economy was basically destroyed by the fanatical green energy movement there – Spain’s Green… Continue reading Obama’s War on America’s Energy Infrastructure.

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What is wrong with liberals?

Liberals are meaner, cheaper, and more willing to cheat than conservatives People raised in sick societies tend to be, you’ll never guess….SICK! Socialists twice as likely to cheat As the USA moves increasingly into Socialist Hell, expect the sickness here too – California students sign petition to have gun owners executed in concentration camps

A New Theory of Human Evolution

Ever get the impression that anthropologists don’t have a clue? Why do they have to revise their theories of human evolution everytime a new fossil hominid is discovered or new technology comes out? I have a wacky theory that all the ancestral hominid bones they’ve found so far are ancestral to our own. Without the… Continue reading A New Theory of Human Evolution

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