Incipient Idiocracy

More anti-American judges making up the law. They are trying to claim that the article in the US Constitution about a census being required to establish the number of representatives says only “residents” – so it includes non-citizens and illegal aliens! This of course is the opposite of what the founders intended.

New York Court Rejects Trump Administration Plan To Add Citizenship Question To Census

…the ruling “marks the opening round in a legal battle with potentially profound ramifications for federal policy and for politics at all levels.”

—> interesting to note, was always in US Census thru 1960 until the sixties, when the Demoncrats changed the laws prompting a huge influx of immigrants and illegals.

This has been an issue for a while. See this study showing the large impact it had way back in 2000 –

So guaranteed, CA and NY would have much less impact – both US Rep’s and Electoral College – if non-citizens were excluded. Note the study concludes they can’t do it now just because the census does NOT include the citizenship question!

By Kyle

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