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The story goes much, much deeper than this –

Paraphernalia Discovered in Bolivian Cave Shows Ancient Ayahuasca Use

The active drug in Ayahuasca is DMT. It is the drug The Evil Ones use to commune with spirits on the astral plane who tell them to screw humanity and destroy the Earth. It’s not a question of how insane that sounds because that’s what the bastards really believe! DMT rituals are now used to bring “initiates” into the Globalist Cult.

The Ultimate Secrets of DMT

It’s been described as “a businessman’s acid trip” because you literally leave this reality and experience “something else” before returning – in less than 20 minutes ( like a “business lunch”)! Of course, people who are not evil psychopaths have a very positive experience with “friendly entities”, and the psychopaths simply use this to reinforce and justify their Evil.

By Kyle

sentient being 3rd planet around Sol. Milky Way

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