Are Blue States Red?

What if every blue state only seems blue because the corruption is worse there and they cheat more?

NYCA recently compiled a list of 28 grievances detailing what they believe to be material election fraud in the NY 2020 General Election. Their grievances are based on data gathered from official sources. Each grievance is linked to specific violations of state and federal election law. All told, they are looking at over 2,000,000 questionable registrations and votes. According to the Secretary of State, Biden’s certified margin of victory was 1,992,889 votes.”

lol. Lotta old people in NY – “voters born in 1850 (10,289 of them)”

And it gets worse than that…

It reminds me of the saying, “You can vote Commies in with the ballot box, but you have to remove them with the cartridge box”

By Kyle

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