The Great Unfriending

Good article about an escapee from the Leftist, SJW, “progressive” mindset:

SJW deprogrammed from the Woke cult.

The Woke cult is the latest variation on cultural marxism. The success of this cult through-out our culture rests on “applied psychology”, aka, psy-ops.

1) Exploit the desire of young people to seek approbation and approval. Cheap rewards promote “virtue signalling”.

2) The Asch Conformity Experiment. About 75% of experimental subjects could be manipulated into conforming with a (lying) majority. In the beginning, the cult was never the majority but simply more vocal, more pervasive, and had more institutional capture which made them seem like they were.

3) Weaponize the language itself. Distort and confuse with deliberate nonsense which produces cognitive dissonance and self-doubt.

By Kyle

sentient being 3rd planet around Sol. Milky Way

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