A New Theory of Human Evolution

Ever get the impression that anthropologists don’t have a clue? Why do they have to revise their theories of human evolution everytime a new fossil hominid is discovered or new technology comes out? I have a wacky theory that all the ancestral hominid bones they’ve found so far are ancestral to our own. Without the DNA to go on, all they can do is comparative anatomy and guess what the intra-species variability is. When they start talking about “interbreeding species” of Denisovan, Neanderthal, and modern humans, that is just BS because a species is defined by its inability to breed with other species. I think you had various migrating vs isolated populations going back 8-10 million years that would independently change (drift or unique selective factors) and later on, migrate and interbreed again, until in the modern human you have this huge variation of genes that represent all the different kinds of hominids we descended from. Like the breeds of dogs, we had widely divergent ancestral types, but we all share the same genes…
Modern Humans one of many co-existing ape species

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By Kyle

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