Boarman, William, Maj. 1 2 3a

Birth Name Boarman, William, Maj.
Gender male
Age at Death less than 82 years, 5 months, 16 days


Archives of Maryland, Volume 0065, Page 0672 - Proceedings of the Provincial Court, 1670/1-1675; Decembr 3d [1658] Writt of Exeqn issued to ye Sheriffe of St Maries County agst ye Estate of Willm Boreman att ye request of John Chareman ffor Costs of Suite, & Clerks & Sheriffs ffees, wch ye Boreman denyeth to satisfy, as ye Chereman allegeth. according to an order of Court had 6th Octobr 1658th prout fol. 113. Viz To the Clerke 271 To the Sheriffe.... 185. James 300 endance 756

BOARMAN, old Major, age c. 80, 16 Sept. 1707; CHLR C,1706-1710:158

p. 17, Maryland Deponents, 1634-1799 by Henry C. Peden, Jr.
Boreman, William, aet. about 20 in 1650. Md. Arch, x, 12.
Boreman, William, n.a., dep. in 1651 mentions Capt. Giles Grent, Mrs. Mary Brent (his sister), Mrs. Margaret Brent (his sister), and John Deer. Md. Arch., x, 150-151.
Boreman, William (at St. Mary's), aet. 22, dep. in 1650 mentions Cuthbert Fenwick. Md. Arch., x, 12.
Boreman, William, n.a., dep. in 1649 mentions he was present when Thomas Hebden wrote his will. Md. Arch., iv, 548.
Borman, William, of Charles County, aet. 60 in 1714. P. L., fol. 38.

John Gouldsmith 13B.112 A SM £344.9.11 £97.10.10 Jun 16 1696
Payments to: <snip>, Thomas Love paid by Mrs. Clouds before her marriage to Maj. Boarman.
Executrix: Judith Clouds, wife of Richard Clouds.

On 3 Jul 1755 Henry Mudd requested a resurvey of Boarman's Reserve which states that the land "was originally granted Maj. William Boarman, being deceased, the 10th day of October 1686" (Test. Proc., 6333* Gardner). (I would think this should say "was originally granted 10th day of October 1686 to Maj. William Boarman, being deceased.". Donnelly states Boarman's Reserve of 588 acres was patented to William Boarman 2 Nov 1685 (PatEnt ND#2:99)

Boarman, William, Charles Co., 16th May, 1708; 17th June, 1709.
To wife Mary, extx., personalty and 1/2 dwelling plantation, "Boarman's Rest" wife to pay dau. Clare certain money due by debt of Ephram Leverton, of North Carolina,
" son Benedict and hrs., dwelling plantation, "Boarman's Rest," provided he keep in repair the Chapell (Catholic) which is on the place; failing which; sd. plantation to pass to next heir.
" son John Baptist and hrs., tract "Lanterman" and rents which shall be due from Edward Benson living on the sd. land
" son Francis Ignatius and hrs., part of "St George's Rest" formerly belonging to Robert Green.
" daus. Mary and Claire, personalty and about 400 A. where negro quarter is, being part of the Manor Quarter.
" dau. Ann Brooks and hrs., 500 A. to be taken up by extx:.
In event of death of sons John Baptist or Francis Ignatius during minority or without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion, and both dying without issue or during minority, their estate to revert to son Benedict and hrs., and the latter dying during minority or without issue, his lands to pass to other two sons afsd. and hrs.
Overseers: Son Benedict, Benjamin Hall, Raphael Neale.
Test: Joseph Pile, John Mudd, John Wathen.
Proven at Portobacco in Chandler Town.
By codicil 17th Jan., 1708, Wm. Boarman, Sr., ratifies his will as above and states that having formerly sold to Thomas Hagan, Sr, 80 A., 65 A. appear to be outside of his bounds, and therefore he bequeaths to sd. Hagan 65 A., part of "Lanternam" afsd., which shall be decided upon by Capt. Benja. Hall and Wm. Boarman. Part 2--12. 108.741

Maj. William Boarman 30.60 I CH £304.1.8 Jul 11 1709
Appraisers: John Bowling, Richard Edelin.
Next of kin: William Boarman, Benedict Boarman.

Maj. William Boarman 33A.158 A CH £184.2.3 Apr 7 1711
Payments to: Leonard Brooke, Cornelius White, Benedict Boarman.
Legatees: John Baptist Boarman, Douzabella Semmes, Robert Green, Mary Boarman now Sanders, widow (unnamed), Benjamin Boarman, Baptist Boarman.
Distribution to: Francis Ignatius Boarman, Clare Boarman.
Executrix: Mary Sanders, wife of John Sanders.

Maj. William Boarman 32B.247 A CH £304.1.8 £58.13.4 Sep 4 1711
Received from: Richard Lemaster, Jacob Miller.
Payments to: Mr. James Heath, Capt. Thomas Crabb, Alexander Willson, Capt. Walter Story, Nathaniell Seutte, John Bowling, Lord Baltamore, Madam Mary Contee, Capt. Thomas Dent, John Sanders, William Balden, Esq.
Executrix: Mary Sanders, wife of Mr. John Sanders.

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin; Fall 1985 Vol 26 No 4; Extracted from microfilm by Carol Gehrs Mitchell. Charles County, Maryland Administration Accounts 1708-1738; The first number is the page or folio number on which the document begins.
54. Major Wm Boarman dec'd. addl acct of John Sanders & Mary Sanders his wife Exex will of Maj Wm Boarman. 1st acct May 1711. Paid to Mr Boarman's widow & Benedick Baptist Boarman deductable & divided between Wm Boarman, Als Sanders & Benedict Boarman, John Boarman, Baptist Boarman, & Francis Ignatius Boarman. John Sanders & Mary Sanders his wife Exors. Leonard Brooke & Ann Brooke his wife, Cornl White, legacy to Benedict Boarman, legacy to John Baptist Boarman, part legacy to Durabella Simms a poor person, part legacy to Robert Green a poor person, Mary Boarman, now Mary Sanders legacy. 7 Apr 1712 by John Sanders.

Archives of Maryland, Volume 10, Court and Testamentary Business, 1649-50. Page 12; Liber A. p. 335; The deposicon of William Boreman aged about 20ty yeares Sworne and examined at St Maries in the Province of Maryland the 28th day of May 1650. Saith That about the yeare 1645. hee this depont being aboard a certaine Pynnace (then riding in St Inegoes Creeke) wherein were certaine Clothes, bedding and some Other goods (of great value as this depont beleiveth) belonging to Mr Cuthbert ffenwick, who then imployed Andrewe Monroe as Master of the said Pynnace And the said Andrewe having beene then sent to by the said Mr ffenwick to bring the said Pynnace into the Creeke by the Crosse House Where Mr ffenwick then dwelt refused soe to doe but stayed where hee then ride with the said Pinnace as aforesaid till Mr Richard Ingle came into the said Creeke with his Shipp who seised uppon or plundred the said Pynnace and all the goods therein, the said Monroe making noe resistance but rather (as it seemed to this depont) willingly consented thereunto, who thereupon was imployed by the said Ingle in the late Warrs by him raised against the Govermt of this Province. And did uppon that designe beare command in another Pynnace then belonging to Capt Tho: Cornewallis, all or most of the time the said Ingle then stayed in the Province, and more particularly at the taking & plundring of Mr Copleyes House at Portoback Where this depont was (amongst others) taken and brought downe Prisoner to St Maries in the said last menconed Pynnace wherein the said Monroe then had command as aforesaid Jurat die & Anno prdict coram me Tho: Hatton

p. 86, Charles County Land Records, Volume III
Liber C#2, Page 158
17 Feb 1709/10; recorded at the request of Richard Edelen:
15 Sep 1707; Old Maj. Boarman, age ca 80, made oath regarding a landmark of Westwood Lodge 40 years ago

p. 68, Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume I
Liber A, Page 160
Patent to William Borman of 300 acres for transporting his wife and 4 able men into the Province; lying on the east side of a fresh of Nangemy Creek adjoining the land of Job Chandler, Esq. dated 17 May 1658; /s/Josias Fendall; William Borman assigns patent to Richard Trew; dated 14 May 1659; /s/ William Borman; wit. Richard Stone, George Roberts

p. 5, Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume II
Liber C, Page 114
10 Nov 1658; Indenture from William Boarman of St Mary's Co, Gent, to Richard True, boatwright, 300 acres of land on the east side of the easternmost branch of Nangemy Creek; /s/ William Boarman, Sarah Boarman; wit. William Williams, Theophilus Aldred

p. 30, Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume II
Liber F, Page 25
4 Aug 1674; Indenture from Capt. William Boreman of St Mary's Co, Gent, and Mary his wife, to William Hatton of St Mary's Co, Gent.; for 24,000* of tobacco; a tract formerly called Thompson's Rest on the east side of Piscataway River and north side of Piscataway Creek; bounded by Luke Barber, Esq.; resurvey and named Boareman's Content; containing 1,000 acres; /s/ William Boareman; wit. Thomas Dent, Samuel Cressey

Captain in 1668, Major by 1707
5 children by Sarah Linle, 1 child by Mary Mathews, 6 children by Mary Jarboe

Noted in a will as friend of Raphael Neale. William Boarman is noted as early Maryland settler, Maryland founded in 1634. He dealt with the Indians.

"Early Charles County Maryland Settlers 1658-1745" by Marlene Strawser Bates & F. Edward Wright
1. "Boreman, William, age 20. 28 may 1650. (Arch of MD., V. X, p. 12)"
2. "Boreman, William, confesses he is a Roman Catholic and that he was born and bred so. 1655 (Arch of MD., V. X, p. 426)"
3. "Boreman, Capt. William, records cattle mark of his dau. Sarah. 17 July 1668 (arch of MD., V. LVII, p. 345) St Mary's Co."
4. "Boreman, William (Gent) and Mary his wife conveyed on 22 March 1704 tract called 'Wardle', 780 acres. (Ct. & Land Z#1.183)"
5. "Boarman, Maj., age ca. 80. Made oath on 15 Sept 1707, regarding a landmark of 'Westwood Lodge' 40 years ago. (Ct. & Land: C#2.158)"

According to the excellent research of Mary Louise Donnelly, a Capt. William Boarman died in St Mary's County in 1674 (Court TP#6:333). One of the appraisers of the estate was Richard Edelen; two of whose children later married Boarmans (Charles Co. Gentry). Abstracts of the Prerogative Courts of Maryland does not contain any information regarding this estate. Thomas Richard Gardiner states in his book on the Gardiner family that "a will of Capt. William Boarman was discovered showing a date of probate of 1684" (no documentation). He makes no comment on the contents of the will which is not abstracted in Maryland Calendar of Wills.
Donnelly notes that a William Bowman (? Boarman) was brought into the Province of Maryland in 1640 by Capt. Giles Brent (Patent 1:171). On 4 Feb 1651 William Boarman made a deposition regarding his being employed to kill cattle in Jun 1650 for Giles Brent on Kent Island (10:150-156). These two documents possibly refer to the same person. Do they also refer to the William Boarman who d. in St Mary's County in 1674?
EFSM, Vol. II, p. 128:
The document quoted (Court TP#6:333) was misread by researchers of the Boarman family. This document is an appraisal of the estate of John Place, late of St Mary's Co., by Richard Edelen and Justinian Tunnis. The appraisers were SWORN BY CAPTAIN WILLIAM BOREMAN of St Mary's County. Therefore, the idea that a will for a Capt. Boarman was probated in 1674 is a mistake. Extensive research by Kari Gaar of Annapolis showed that the appraiser whose name was read as Funnis is actually Tunnis, a misspelling of Tennis. Justinian Tennis [or Tennison] was a brother-in-law of John Place, s/o John Place [d. by 1650] and Mary [d. by 12 Jun 1654]]. Mary Place m/2 John Gresham of VA and one of their daughter was Katherine Gresham who m. Justinian Tennison.

Early Families of Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania by Steve Gilland; Published by FAMILY LINE PUBLICATIONS, Westminster, Maryland 21157; 1997; p. 3.
WILLIAM(l) BOARMAN c 1625-1686, m c 1650, SARAH LINLE - SINLEY.
MARY(2) BOARMAN c 1660-1716, m c 1679, ROBERT GREENE.
WILLIAM(l) BOARMAN 1625-1686.
The Boarman family of Maryland is of English descent and they originated from Devonshire and Somersetshire, England. The Maryland Boarmans share the same family crest as the Boarmans of Wells, England.
William Boarman was born about 1625 in England, the son of William Bourman of Brooke and his wife Barbara Worsley. He was brought into the Province of Maryland at the time of the civil war in England by Captain Giles Brent. He resided with the Jesuit priests at Port Tobacco where he received a catholic education. During the 1645 Revolution he was among those captured by adherents of Richard Ingle and taken prisoner to St. Mary's City. By 1651 he was employed by Giles Brent on Kent Island.
William's home plantation in St. Mary's County was known as Kitt Martins Point, which he sold in 1663 to James Jolly, an inn keeper of St. Mary's for 15,000 pounds of tobacco. Of this sum, half was to paid in St. Mary's County and the other half in Charles County.
In the 1660's William's land speculation included several large tracts in Charles County. By 1676 these holdings were consolidated into Boarman's Manor. The Manor extended several miles on both sides of Zachiah Swamp with the northern most part at present day Bryantown and included almost 4,000 acres.
In 1678 William gave to his daughter Sarah Mudd, 450 acres of Hall's Place, which adjoined her brother-in-law Robert Greene's, on the north side of Green's Run into Zachiah Swamp. In 1679 William gave to his daughter Mary Green, Green's Rest which may be the same as George's Rest. Robert Green's land is listed as a reference in William Boarman's will of 1709 as being a part of George's Rest. In 1755 Thomas Jameson requested boundaries on Hall's Rest and George's Rest be proved. Joseph Jameson referred to a dividing tree between the land of Mrs. Mudd and Mrs. Green, the two sisters and daughters of Major William Boarman.
During his lifetime, Major William Boarman was a mariner, a captain and a major of the militia, planter, land speculator, Indian trader and interpreter, sheriff and gentleman justice and delegate to the General Assembly. He participated with the Proprietary forces at the Battle of the Severn and the Nanticoke Indian War of 1678. He was the ancestor of Francis Scott Key, the author of 'The Star Spangled Banner', our national anthem.
His life is well documented in the early colonial records and the Provincial Court records of Maryland. There were several men in early Maryland with the name of William Boarman, including his son and grandsons. But the early records must be attributed to Major William Boarman of Boarman's Manor.
The only reference to William's death occurs in a petition of resurvey of Boarman's Reserve. In 1755, Henry Mudd requested a resurvey of his land called Boarman's Reserve, originally granted to Major William Boarman, late of Charles County, being deceased October 10, 1686.
William and his wife Sarah were the parents of five children:-
1. William Boarman, b c 1654, m1 Jane Neale, m2 Mary Pile.
2. Sarah Boarman, b c 1656, d 1685, m1 Thomas Matthews Jr., m2 1678, Thomas Mudd.
3. George Boarman, b c 1658, died young, and was never married.
4. MARY BOARMAN, b c 1660, d 1716, m c 1679, ROBERT GREENE, the son of THOMAS GREENE, the second Provincial Governor of Maryland.
5. Benjamin Boarman.
Mary was born in St. Mary's County about 1660, the daughter of Major William Boarman and his wife Sarah Linley. She was married to her neighbor, Robert Greene, the son of Governor Thomas Greene. In 1679 she received from her father, probably as a dowry, the plantation St. George's Rest, which adjoined her husband's plantation and her sister Sarah Mudd's home plantation of Hall's Place.
By 1700 the Greene family had moved to the home plantation of Greene's Inheritance, located on the Piscataway and Rowling Roads. They probably sold their land holdings back to the Boarman family because they later appear in the records as a part of Boarman's Manor.
It is believed that Robert died before 1706, for at that time Mary bought Guyther's Purchase, located in St. Mary's County. Mary died in 1716, a widow, and she had divided her home of Guyther's Purchase between her sons Thomas and James Greene.
Robert and Mary were of the Catholic faith and were the parents of eight children:
1. Thomas Greene was born about 1683 and married Tecla Shircliff. He received a part of Guyther's Purchase from his mother's estate in 1716.
2. Elizabeth Greene was married to Alexander Hamilton of Charles County.
3. Mary Greene was married to John Thompson.
4. Sarah Greene was married to John Squires and Patrick Atee.
5. William Greene was born 1694.
6. Robert Greene died 1749.
7. Jane Greene Campbell.
8. JAMES GREENE I died in 1734 in Prince George's County. He was married to CHARITY HAGAN who died in 1754. James was the executor of his mother's will and received a part of Guyther's Purchase from his mother's estate in 1716. In 1709 he inherited a part of the plantation known as Strife from his godfather Thomas Frederick of Prince George's County.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1627 Wiltshire, England    
Death before 1709-06-17 Charles, MD    
Immigration before 1645      

To MD, possibly 1634

Probate 1709-06-17 Charles, MD    
Religion     Catholic  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, Andrew, Jr., Rev.about 16011654/5-01-14 (Julian)
Mother Halswell, Anne16091630
         Boarman, William, Maj. 1627 before 1709-06-17


Family of Boarman, William, Maj. and Linley, Sarah

Married Wife Linley, Sarah ( * 1635 + about 1669 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1650 St Mary’s County, MD    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boarman, William1654before 1720-05-23
Boarman, Sarah1656about 1685
Boarman, Georgeabout 1658
Boarman, Mary1660before 1716-07-07
Boarman, Benjaminabout 1665

Family of Boarman, William, Maj. and Matthews, Mary

Married Wife Matthews, Mary ( * about 1646 + about 1681 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1672/3-03-02 (Julian)      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boarman, Anneabout 1680before 1716-11-01

Family of Boarman, William, Maj. and Jarboe, Mary

Married Wife Jarboe, Mary ( * about 1663 + before 1739-12-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1686 MD    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boarman, Elizabethabout 1686about 1742
Boarman, Benedict Leonard1687before 1757-03-11
Boarman, Maryabout 1690before 1744/5-03-07 (Julian)
Boarman, Clareabout 1694before 1747-05-06
Boarman, Eleanorbefore 1695
Boarman, John Baptist16981750-06-04
Boarman, Francis Ignatiusabout 1702before 1743/4-03-15 (Julian)


Type Value Notes Sources
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