Veatch, Henry Clay

Birth Name Veatch, Henry Clay
Gender male
Age at Death 67 years, 4 months, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1843-11-23 Gainesboro, Jackson, TN    
Death 1911-04-12 Tompkinsville, Monroe, KY   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Veatch, Garrett Wall1803-08-121886-08-02
Mother Davenport, Mary1818-04-00after 1881
    Brother     Veatch, William Tell 1841-07-24
         Veatch, Henry Clay 1843-11-23 1911-04-12
    Brother     Veatch, John Wesley 1846-07-22
    Brother     Veatch, Zachary Taylor 1848-04-08
    Sister     Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth Jane 1850-03-15
    Sister     Veatch, Artinny Adderville 1852-04-12
    Brother     Veatch, James Andrew Ellis 1854-07-18
    Sister     Veatch, Mary Louise 1857-04-24
    Sister     Veatch, Martha Louvenia 1859-09-08
    Brother     Veatch, Jefferson Davis 1865-10-19 1915-12-03


Family of Veatch, Henry Clay and Gulley, Temperance Tabitha

Married Wife Gulley, Temperance Tabitha ( * 1849-12-30 + 1910-01-12 )

Henry C. Veatch 36
Temperenc T. Veatch 29
Mary J. Veatch 9
Garriet W. Veatch 8
Sarah E. Veatch 3
Luverna C. Veatch 1

Henry Veatch 56
Temperance Veatch 50
Garret W Veatch 28
Benton M Veatch 14
John W Veatch 11
Gettie N Veatch 8
Susan L Veatch 9
John H Veatch 7
Allice e Veatch 5
Bessie L Veatch 2
Kitty L Veatch 1

1910: Henry is living with daughter Luverna "Lori" Davenport

Name Birth Date Death Date
Veatch, Mary J1871
Veatch, Garrett Wall1872
Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth1876-11-04between 1900 and 1901
Veatch, Louvernia Catherine1879-03-221916-06-08
Veatch, John W1889
Veatch, Susan L1891
Veatch, Gettie N1892
Veatch, John H1893
Veatch, Alice E1895
Veatch, Bessie L1898
Veatch, Kittie L1899

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