Veatch, Louvernia Catherine

Birth Name Veatch, Louvernia Catherine
Nick Name Lou
Gender female
Age at Death 37 years, 2 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1879-03-22 Jackson, TN    
Event Note

private message from Nellie Sullivan

Death 1916-06-08 Logan, KY    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Veatch, Henry Clay1843-11-231911-04-12
Mother Gulley, Temperance Tabitha1849-12-301910-01-12
    Sister     Veatch, Mary J 1871
    Brother     Veatch, Garrett Wall 1872
    Sister     Veatch, Sarah Elizabeth 1876-11-04 between 1900 and 1901
         Veatch, Louvernia Catherine 1879-03-22 1916-06-08
    Brother     Veatch, John W 1889
    Sister     Veatch, Susan L 1891
    Sister     Veatch, Gettie N 1892
    Brother     Veatch, John H 1893
    Sister     Veatch, Alice E 1895
    Sister     Veatch, Bessie L 1898
    Sister     Veatch, Kittie L 1899


Family of Davenport, John B and Veatch, Louvernia Catherine

Married Husband Davenport, John B ( * 1877 + 1911-06-06 )

Just a guess from closeness of Veatches.

Cannot find in 1900!
In 1910 Civil District 7, Macon, Tennessee:
John Devonport 33
Lore C Devonport 31
Hubert L Devonport 11
Della M Devonport 8
Clarance H Devonport 4
Getly b Devonport 2
Ottis E Devonport 1 4/12
Henry C Veach 66
Getly e Veach 18

Could have had a son who died Sat morning May 5, 1904, as noted in Gainesboro Sentinal.

family breaks up after John's death in 1911 and Lou's death in 1916. Hubert mentions closest relative Clarence in 1918 WW1 Draft Reg. Clarence joins army, lives in Monterey, CA 1930. Ottis lives with Uncle Oliver Davenport in Davidson Co, TN 1930. Hubert is in Champaigne, IL 1951.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, [Living]
Davenport, [Living]
Davenport, Hubert Leslie1899-02-281960-11-10
Davenport, Della Mabout 1901
Davenport, Ottis H1909-12-211981-11-16