Gage, Walter

Birth Name Gage, Walter
Gender male
Age at Death about 53 years, 6 months, 24 days


Walter GAGE was born on Jun 8 1755 in Freetown, Bristol County, MA. He died in 1808 or 1809 in Vergennes, Addison Co., VT. He was buried in Prob. "Old Cemetery", Vergennes, VT. Walter came with his father to Danby, Vermont, about 1770. He served in the Revolutionary War. State of Vermont records show that he was with Capt. Gideon Ormsby in June of 1778 to guard the frontiers. During March of 1780, he was in the Militia under Col. Eben Allen. He moved to Vergennes, and purchased 50 acres in the NE corner of Lot 107 on June 5, 1798. Upon Walter's death, his estate was probated, and his son, Wm. was appointed Adm. Another son, Orange, purchased Walter's 50 acres. Parents: William GAGE and Mercy HUDDLESTONE.

Salome Noble was born 25 January 1786 and died 09 April 1825, aged 39. She married 01 December 1803 to William Montgomery Gage, who was born in Danby, Vermont, 15 August 1780, son of Walter and Phoebe (?) Gage.

Walter Gage, the fourth child of William and Mercy was born June 8, 1755, and is the common ancestor in the Geneaology so far compiled. He married about New Years 1775 to a Miss Roberts of Ferrisburg, Vermont and they lived at the three places during their lives, Ferrisburg, Danby and Vergennes, Vermont and had nine children:

Note there is no paper evidence that Walter was son of WIlliam, so records of William's Rev. War service for Walter's descendants are not accepted by the DAR.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1755-06-08 Freetown, Bristol, MA    
Military Service 1778-06-13   served in Revolutionary War as soldier from Vermont  
Event Note

also called up March 1780 for Capt. Stephen Calkin's Company. Looks like a private.

Death about 1809 Vergennes, Addison Co, VT    
Event Note

based on his estate record dated May 20, 1809


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, William Montgomery Jr1725-10-101804
Mother Huddleston, Mercy1730-06-051811-03-08
    Brother     Gage, John 1749-11-30 after 1810
    Brother     Gage, William 1751-11-11 1833-03-11
    Brother     Gage, Isaac 1753-12-14
         Gage, Walter 1755-06-08 about 1809
    Brother     Gage, George 1756-09-14 about 1850
    Brother     Gage, Robert 1759-06-06
    Sister     Gage, Hannah 1761-09-06
    Brother     Gage, Joseph 1763-01-02
    Brother     Gage, Richard 1766-06-21
    Brother     Gage, Benjamin 1768-07-03
    Sister     Gage, Mercy 1771-02-24
    Sister     Gage, Mary 1773-07-23
    Sister     Gage, Eleanor 1776-02-16 1840-03-00


Family of Gage, Walter and , Phebe

Married Wife , Phebe ( * before 1759 + before 1792 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1775-01-01 Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT Marriage of Gage, Walter and Roberts, Sally 1
Event Note

The Gage's came to Danby, VT about 1770.


The original genealogy of the Gage's states:
"Married about New Years Day 1775 Phebe ___
Married 1792 Sallie Roberts of Ferrisburg, Vt. lived in Ferrisburg, Danby, and Vergennes, Vt."
===> 2 wives!

The Gage's moved to the area that became VT in the late 1750's when Walter was very young, therefore he probably married Phebe in Addison Co, VT. Vermont Republic became independent from Quebec, NH, & NY in 1777. In 1775, the area (bottom of Lake Champlain) was called Charlotte County, New York.

Vermont Vital Records has Chase Gage s/o Walter Gage and Phebe Roberts which could be confused with Sallie Roberts OR perhaps Phebe and Sallie were related Roberts. Note children of Sallie named their children Phebe, so could be Sallie's sister. Most trees now claim "Sallie (Phebe) Roberts" was his only wife, but she would be very unlikely to have children past 50 years old.
The original death record from Vermont, Town Clerk, Vital & Town Records ( says only Chase's parents were Walter & Phebe.

Additional children of Walter, but unknown birthdates, so don't know which family:
Jemima (one source said b. 24 Jun 1804 --> unlikely because she is not included with minors Benj & Hannah in Walter's estate papers )
Phebe (b.1783)
Hannah (b. 1807)
Salome (b.1788? or daughter-in-law?)

==> No DNA match to descendants of the Roberts who are not also descendants of Walter Gage. Phebe is probably NOT a Roberts.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, Peter1775-09-08
Gage, Ama1777-03-15
Gage, Jeremiah1779-04-27
Gage, William Montgomery1780-08-151856-10-01
Gage, Samuel1781-12-151874-04-04
Gage, Phebeabout 1783
Gage, Orange1784-03-291864-03-12
Gage, Richard1786-07-231870-03-25
Gage, Chase1791-07-121871-05-20

Family of Gage, Walter and Roberts, Sallie

Married Wife Roberts, Sallie ( * about 1756 + 1807 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1792      

Estate papers (pg.7 ) mentions 2 minors in 1809: "Benj aged about 4" and "Hannah aged about 2". Not Jemima.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Gage, Benjamin1793
Gage, Benjamin W1803-07-121876-09-15
Gage, Jemima1804-06-24
Gage, Hannah1807

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