Stebbins, Abigail

Birth Name Stebbins, Abigail
Birth Name Stebbins, Abigail
Birth Name Stebbins, Abigail 1
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1736-06-13 Springfield, MA   2
Baptism 1736-06-20 First Church, Springfield, Massachusetts    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stebbins, Caleb1712-04-011796-02-22
Mother Warriner, Elizabeth1713-06-161805-04-29
    Sister     Stebbins, Elizabeth 1733-12-30 1800-01-01
         Stebbins, Abigail 1736-06-13
    Sister     Stebbins, Ruth 1738-12-15 1826-04-23
    Brother     Stebbins, Caleb 1742-01-08 1787-03-28
    Sister     Stebbins, Martha 1745-02-15
    Brother     Stebbins, Justin 1749-01-03
    Sister     Stebbins, Lucy 1755-04-13


Family of Colton, Stephen and Stebbins, Abigail

Married Husband Colton, Stephen ( * 1736-08-24 + 1812-07-30 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1755-12-22 Springfield, MA Marriage of Colton, Stephen and STEBBINS, Abigail 2 1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Colton, Abigail1757-01-241818-10-13
Colton, Sarah1758-06-191846-01-04
Colton, Isaac1760-04-131803-11-10
Colton, Saborah1763-03-17
Colton, Lucina1764-09-101841-01-29
Colton, Chloe1766-01-011847-04-30
Colton, Reuba1767-11-27
Colton, Stephen1770-01-19
Colton, Pliny1772-03-171774-10-06
Colton, Elam1774-08-29
Colton, Mercy1776-10-00
Colton, Hannah1779-02-12
Colton, Betsy1780-09-04