Robertson, Mathew Newton

Birth Name Robertson, Mathew Newton
Also Known As Roberson
Also Known As Robinson
Gender male
Age at Death less than 52 years, 3 months


son "Mathew N Robinson" in his will we know as "Mathew Newton Robinson", so probably named after him.

Last will given 12 Nov 1831 and probated on 4 Apr 1832.

Children in 1880 said father/mother born in:
Thomas W: SC/blank
David W : SC/SC
William M: blank/blank
Nancy: NC/NC
"In 1812, Matthew Roberson/Robinson was a member of the Franklin County militia. The lieutenant of the local militia company was DAVEY CROCKETT.
In a biography of Crockett that I have it says that while he was living in Franklin County, he was one of the earliest explorers of Alabama He led an expedition of local men to explore the Alabama Indian territory, including a Mr. Robinson. (no record of first name)."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth between 1780 and 1790 Abbeville District, SC location is a guess.  
Death before 1832-04-00 Franklin Co.,TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Robertson, Davidbetween 1750 and 1755before 1821-06-01
Mother (Robertson), ?after 1756after 1821
         Robertson, Mathew Newton between 1780 and 1790 before 1832-04-00
    Sister     Robertson, Jane about 1782
    Brother     Robertson, James Walker about 1785
    Sister     Robertson, Margaret 1789 1877-09-20
    Brother     Roberson, David Jr between 1790 and 1800 after 1840
    Sister     Robertson, Isabella 1796-05-04 1851-08-10
    Brother     Robertson, Samuel about 1800 between 1845 and 1850
    Sister     Robertson, Daughter 4
    Sister     Robertson, Daughter 5


Family of Robertson, Mathew Newton and Walker?, Ann

Married Wife Walker?, Ann ( * between 1765 and 1786 + between 1825 and 1830 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1800 Abbeville District, SC Marriage of Robinson, Mathew Newton (Roberson) and Unknown, Ann  

some dispute over Nancy E Roberson's parents. Hinshaw association has this:
" Nancy, daughter of James W. Robertson, Sr. & Mary -, was born Jun 11 1821, Tennessee.k,107,j,l (Jun - 1823).m,n"
107 - "Paint Rock Valley Pioneers", a directory of Alabama cemeteries by Kittye Vandiver Henshaw, Evelyn Rochelle, and Addie Shaver, F332 P34446 1986, in the Tennessee State Library and Archives; Also 976.195 V3hk in the LDS Family History Library (not on microfilm). Contributed by Robert Worley.
k - Contribution from Lavonda Dove ( citing:
family group sheets from Addie Shaver, co-author of "Paint Rock Valley Pioneers".
j - Genealogy data (Henall.FTW) by George Frederick Langley, Jr..
l - Contribution from Terry Henshaw citing:
Document written by Nancy E. Roberson stating that the wife of George Washington Hinshaw was her sister (Elizabeth Robertson).

I leave Nancy in Mathew Newton Roberson's family because his will mentions her -

Note some children named Walker like the alleged father "James Walker Robertson". They were brothers so perhaps they descend from Walker's.

Nancy said her parents came from NC, but both Mathew Newton Roberson and James Walker Roberson came from SC.

More details on the family -

1820: Franklin Co, TN as "Mathew Robertson"
1830: Franklin Co, TN as "Mathew Robison" widowed, father of 7 children!
===> orphanned in 1832; children probably raised by his brother James Walker Roberson next door in Franklin Co, TN
1840: Franklin Co, TN as "James Roberson" m<5, m50-60, f30-40

Deed Book D: Stephen Donathan to Mathew Robertson deed 1821
Franklin County, Tennessee (TN) Deed Book D pgs. 118-120
This indenture made and entered into this 25 day of august in the year or our lord Christ one Thousand eight hundred and Twenty one
Between Stephen Donathan of the county of Franklin and State of Tennessee of the one part and Mathew Robertson of the aforesaid
county and State of the other part... [copied from public member tree on]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Robertson, David Walker1804-11-071885-01-24
Roberson, Thomas Walker1804-11-071889-01-00
Robinson, James W.about 1806
Robinson, Matthew Newton, Jr.1807
Roberson, Polly1808
Roberson, Sallyabout 1808
Roberson/Robinson, Malinda C1809-01-121882
Roberson/Robinson, Rhodaabout 1814
Roberson, William Magee1819-10-141910-11-01
Roberson, Nancy E.1821-06-111910-12-08
Roberson, Elizabeth Jane18221893