Chambers, John

Birth Name Chambers, John
Gender male
Age at Death 75 years, 5 months, 21 days


U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872 > Indiana > 1818-1832 > C notes death in 22 June 1824

Listed on memorial " In memory of the Soldiers and Patriots of the Revolutionary War buried beneath Pike County Soil "
His pension application -
CHAMBERS, John. - 1749 - 6-22-1824 - enlisted at The Forks of the Cheat on the Monongahela River in VA. Dec.26, 1776 as Pvt.
served 3-1-1 - discharged Mar. 1, 1780 - Rev. Soldier - (no stone) "and moved to Jefferson Co, KY" (Philip G Hale)
[kdd: At the time he enlisted, the Cheats & Monongahela were the western frontier & had only forts. Contained by Monongahela County formed in 1776. Nearest county to the east was Hampshire County of Virginia.]

Bio from the Pike County Museum:
"John Chambers was born in Virginia in 1749. He enlisted on December 28, 1776 and served four years as a private under Captain David Scott in the 13th regiment of Colonel John Gibson. When Chambers applied for his pension in 1818 he was listed as living in Gibson County, Indiana.
He was mustered into the militia in September of 1811 and assigned to serve under Captain Walter Wilson, Lieutenant Benjamin Beckes and Colonel Luke Decker. The performance of Captain Wilson's Company at the Battle of Tippecanoe by General Harrison in an official dispatch to the Secretary of War written on November 18, 1811.
Chambers served as a second corporal from September 6 through November 9, 1812 in Captain Beckes' company during the War of 1812.He was living in Pike county in 1824 when he passed away."
[kdd: John Chambers was a Colonel by 5 Apr, 1778 in the same regiment ( Fort Pitt ) under Capt Thomas Moore ]

Following notes from Shari & Ken Knight (
Orvil Hale believed John arrived in Indiana 1808-1812, but there is a John Chambers in Knox County Census 1807

McClellan claimed John Chambers resided in Gibson county in 1818 when he applied for a pension but was living in Pike in 1823. Clay township of Pike county borders Gibson county.

People came to Pike County either on the Buffalo Trace or the rivers. The Buffallo Trace entered Pike Co a mile north of Otwell or Delectable Hill, to Algiers and on to White Oak Springs (just west of present day Petersburgh). Those who came by river floated down the Ohio River, then worked up the Wabash and White Rivers. Orvil Hale thinks the Chambers came via the river. If the Straight Line Railroad had been finished, it would have provided an additional pathway. It was planned to go on a strait line between Evansville and Indianapolis. The town of Alfords in Pike County was a railroad town named after the contractors. But the company went broke and the line was never completed. [O. Hale to kk91]

Where was Rachel Chambers after John died? She is not listed as a head of household in the 1830 census, nor does she seem to fit in with John II, George, James, or Edmond. Perhaps she died. Hale's records list her a dying after 1824, the DAR lists that she died after 1850 (But the DAR also lists her as being born Rachel Welton in Louisville, Jefferson, KY in 1765. That part of the country was still Virginia in 1765, and Daniel Boone didn't move his family there until 1773/4. I could not find a Welton on the Kentucky census of 1790 or 1800.] Buela Grey was the one who started the idea that John Chambers came to Indiana around 1812. But she didn't know. The 1807 census lists him next to Joseph Phillips, his "dissapointing" son-in-law. Also, his daughter Rachel married David Welton in 1810 in Indiana. This after she had her first husband, Phillips, in court (in Vincinnes) a number of times and then divorced him. [O. Hale to kk91] John Chambers may have been raised in Hampshire or Greenbriar Counties, VA (now in WV). Jean (Margaret Story) and Trener (Allene J) wrote in a footnote in an article in the Indiana Magazine of History ("The first families of White Oak Spring 1810-1817, Vol 36(3):230, 1940) that he was thought to be from "Hampshire Virginia but a study of the name Chambers in the census of 1790 suggests that Greenbriar County was the families place of residance."
(end Knight notes)[kdd: That was John Thomas Chambers who married Margaret Fenister in Greenbrier and went to Monroe Co, IN]
John Thomas Chambers b.~1760 VA/WV m. Margaret Feamster in Greenbriar Co, WV 1786. Not known if he is related to our John Chambers.

Could be either of the John's father or brother - George Chambers bought a very large land holding of 64544 acres in Hampshire Co, VA 1794 (from the estate of Lord Fairfax) "located in various parts of the county, but chiefly near the Hardy county line, and other large tracts elsewhere in the county" from "History of Hampshire County, West Virginia" by Maxwell and Swisher. George's holdings include "near Patterson Creek Mountain, and North Branch" from "Early Records, Hampshire County, Virginia" [kdd: note our John had a son George, but John Thomas Chambers did not]
1767 "Christopher Chambers" bought land from John Relfe
1768-1795 "[Col] Benjamin Chambers" nine references in Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants
-> see
married Sarah Patterson and had son James Chambers

Only Chambers in 1789 Kentucky Census of Jefferson County is a James Chambers, also the name of one of John's sons.
A James Chambers had an early land grant in Monongahelia -

M S Jeans, "First Families of White Oak Springs, 1810 to 1817" -
"John Chambers arrived in Knox County, according to tradition, in 1809. He was granted a Revolutionary pension as a citizen of Gibson County in 1818, and was recorded as a citizen of Pike County in 1820. He entered Revolutionary service in Hampshire County, Virginia, but a study of the name of Chambers on the on the census of 1790 suggests that Greenbrier County was the family's place of residence"

Administrator's Notice 12 Feb 1825 in the Western Sun -
"Notice is hereby given to the creditors of John Chambers, dec'd, late of Pike County, that the estate of said deceased is insolvent, and that settlement of the same as such, will be claimed by the undersigned. George Chambers Feb 7 1825"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1749 Hampshire, VA    
Military Service 1776-12-00   Private in Revolutionary War 1
Event Note

Served under Captain Gibson. Gibson came to Indiana during the war, but we have no evidence that Chambers was in Indiana: The only records of his service in the national archives in Washington DC are 2 payroll vouchers issued while he was at Ft Pitt in Pennsylvania. Ken Knight searched in 1994. [kdd: Gibson did not go to Indiana until 1800]

Top of page 281, "...served in Western Department during 1780, commissioned under Col. John Gibson's Detachment..."
"John Chambers, Seargeant. Discharged March 1, 1780"
[4 lines down, Thomas Chambers discharged October 14, 1780"

Historical Marker in Pike Co, IN includes him -

Specifically, his Rev.War Pension Application states:
- enlisted 26 Dec 1776 in Col John Gibson's Ninth Regiment of VA - discharged 1 Mar 1780 at Fort Pitt
, but John Gibson states he was Lt. Col of the 13th VA Regiment from Nov 1776 to Nov 1777, then in the 7th VA Regiment until May/June 1778 before transferring back to the 13th. The 13th "was reduced to the 9th" under Gibson in Sep 1778, and then transferred to the 7th in 1781.

Military Service 1811-09-00   Battle of Tippecanoe  
Death 1824-06-22 Union, Pike, IN, USA    
Burial 1824-06-00 Clay, Pike, IN Union-Hornbrook Cemetery  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chambers, George? or James?
         Chambers, John 1749 1824-06-22
    Brother     Chambers, Thomas about 1750 before 1810


Family of Chambers, John and Radcliff?, Rachel

Married Wife Radcliff?, Rachel ( * 1765 + after 1824 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1787 Jefferson, KY    

1783: John Chambers is a witness in Jefferson Co, KY to probate of Pleasan Lockett. from "Early Kentucky Settlers
The Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky, from the Filson Club History Quarterly"
1790: could be Fayette Co, KY - 2 John Chambers in KY 1790 & 1800. The one living in Bourbon Co, KY is there in both 1791 and 1800; one in Fayette in 1790 is not there in 1800, except John and Rachel were married in Jefferson in 1788 and only Chambers in 1789 Jefferson County is a James Chambers.
1800: Jefferson Co, KY (2nd Census of Kentucky)
1800: Jefferson Co, KY tax list ( only other Chambers in Jefferson is Benjamin)

John and Rachel Chambers were in Indiana by the 1807 State Census.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Chambers, Rachel1788after 1860
Chambers, Thomas1789
Chambers, John II17901873
Chambers, Elizabethabout 1795
Chambers, James1796after 1830
Chambers, George1796-09-151842-05-25
Chambers, Edmond18001850