Chambers, Thomas

Birth Name Chambers, Thomas
Gender male


MIght be this Thomas Chambers, with some of the same info in public member trees:
Thomas Chambers was in the Indian Wars and Decker's Militia in Indiana. He received 40 acres of bounty land in 1852 for his service. His brother John Chambers, also received land at the same time and both took their land in Edgar County, Illinois. However, I see no evidence that John ever lived there.

By 1860 Philip A. Chambers with his family, his mother Margaret Taylor, and nephew, Philip A. Vaughn are seen living on a farm in Symmes, Edgar County, Illinois. I suspect this farm was Thomas' bounty land, however, by 1865 Philip Chambers moved back to Clark, Illinois. His mother, Margaret was still living with them in 1865, Illinois State Census records. My great grandfather, Philip A. Vaughn was also still living with his Uncle Philip A. Chambers and remained with him until 1870, at which point he is seen living with his half brother, Abner/Abram Miner.

Proof that this Thomas Chambers was the son of John Chambers b. 1749 Rockbridge, Virginia and his wife Rachel is regarding his sister Rachel Chambers who married a Joseph Phillips in 1804, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. The records state that:
**Phillips beat Rachel, according to the Vincennes court records. Her brothers JOHN and THOMAS came to her rescue and testified against their brother-in-law in court. Phillips admitted beating her, and also was fined for fighting with the Chambers brothers.

**The above was from an oral interview in 1990 with Orville Hale, husband of Rachel Chambers, daughter of John Chambers, Jr. born 1790, & 2nd wife, Ruth Curtis. This John is the John Chambers mentioned above and the brother of Thomas Chambers. Information provided by Ken Knight.

Rachel Chambers Phillips divorced Joseph Phillips and remarried to David Miles Welton 10 Nov 1810."

, however about as many trees claim this Thomas Chambers is son of Alexander Chambers from Ireland. Also in 1807 Census appear to be Thomas Chambers and Thomas Chambers, Sr, and they are not neighbors of John Chambers who lived in White Oak Springs which later became Pike Co. Finally, Thomas Chambers of Clark Co, IL b.1785 ( 1850 Census ) so would be older than this Thomas.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1789 Louisville, Jefferson, KY    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chambers, John17491824-06-22
Mother Radcliff?, Rachel1765after 1824
    Sister     Chambers, Rachel 1788 after 1860
         Chambers, Thomas 1789
    Brother     Chambers, John II 1790 1873
    Brother     Chambers, George 1796-09-15 1842-05-25
    Sister     Chambers, Elizabeth about 1795
    Brother     Chambers, James 1796 after 1830
    Brother     Chambers, Edmond 1800 1850


Family of Chambers, Thomas and (Chambers), Margaret?

Married Wife (Chambers), Margaret? ( * + ... )

Home in 1807: Knox Co, IN ( both Thomas Chambers & "Thoma Ssr. Chambers"
Home in 1820: Johnson, Knox, Indiana