Martin, Elizabeth

Birth Name Martin, Elizabeth
Nick Name Betsy
Gender female
Age at Death between 75 years and 77 years, 11 months, 30 days


The parents of Elizabeth Martin were Thomas Martin (b. 1783 in Bedford County, Virginia and died before 1802 in Stokes County, North Carolina). Thomas seemed to be a large land owner. His lands were on the Little Otter, Otter Creek and Bull Run in Bedford County, Virginia. He appears in VIRGINIA TAXATION, Personal Property, Tax Lists for Bedford Co.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1772 Otter Creek, Bedford, VA    
Death between 1847 and 1849 Jackson, TN "Old Bagdad" on Wartrace Creek  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Martin, Thomas1738before 1802
Mother Caffery, Rachel1715-17351812
    Sister     Martin, Mary Ann
    Brother     Martin, William about 1760
    Brother     Martin, Joseph 1763 1835
    Brother     Martin, James 1766
    Brother     Martin, Thomas, Jr. 1766
    Sister     Martin, Frances 1771
    Sister     Martin, Nancy about 1772
         Martin, Elizabeth 1772 between 1847 and 1849
    Sister     Martin, Sarah 1772
    Brother     Martin, Charles Caffery about 1773 about 1845
    Sister     Martin, Rachel 1774


Family of Richardson, Barnett and Martin, Elizabeth

Married Husband Richardson, Barnett ( * 1760 + 1840 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1789-04-13 Bedford, VA    
Event Note

Bedford Co., Virginia Marriages - April 13, 1789, Barnett Richardson & Elizabeth Martin, daughter of Thomas, Finch Criddle, surety. Married by Nathaniel Shrewsbury Mar 25, 1790.


Listed on 1840 Jackson Co., Tennessee census

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Joy Frazier's db:
"Barnett's parents moved from Baltimore to Roanoke, Virginia. He is found in the 1783 Tax Lists of Bedford County, Virginia. Records show he received a Virginia State Land Grant on October 16, 1783. Later, in 1805, he sold his one hundred acres of land in Bedford County on the Stanton River where each of his children were born, and next he is found in the 1810 census of Montgomery County, Virginia. On August 15, 1812, Barnett and wife sold their land in Botetourt County, Virginia, which Elizabeth inherited from her family. They moved to White County, Tennessee, near Baxter between 1814-1818. They settled in Jackson County, Tennessee at "Old Bagdad" on Wartrace Creek. Barnett had his own still and was known to drink too much. Barnett died "old" and it is presumed he and his wife are buried in the "Old Richardson Cemetery" on the hillside of a farm there. There are no markers there for Barnett and Elizabeth, just rocks for headstones. (In 1996, Dad, Mom, Lucille Lawson, and I went to Old Bagdad and we found a cemetery on the side of a hill which had several Richardsons buried there. There was a couple of unmarked graves which we think were for Barnett and Elizabeth).
Volume 6 of HINSHAW'S QUAKER RECORDS shows the marriage of Barnett and Elizabeth Martin. Nothing else is learned, but some very faint family traditions have mentioned our Bedford County, Virginia ancestors and all of them were somehow tied into the Quakers through marriages, and that is one possible reason we have not found marriage records for many of them."

"Depositions taken 13 October 1856
Susan Davinport about age 56.
Ques: Who was present when attorney's fee of James Draper was discussed besides Jonanthan and Nancy Sloan.
Ans: Parmelia McGuire and Nancy Sloans daughters or two of them I think Lucretia and Lucinda. Lucretia was present I am not sure Lucinda was
I am a sister of Benjamin Richardson and aunt to Joel Richardson, Harvy H. Richardson, Caleb C. Richardson, James A. Richardson, John Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Marthy Jane Richardson and Mary A. Witcher. I am not related to any other defendant that I know of.

Susan [her X] Davinport"

Name Birth Date Death Date
Richardson, Rebecca
Richardson, Danielabout 1791
Richardson, Wealthy1792
Richardson, John17931875
Richardson, Martin1794after 1820
Richardson, Benjamin1795after 1874
Richardson, Caleb\Caleph1797after 1870
Richardson, Susannah1800before 1870
Richardson, William Thomas18021860-1870
Richardson, Barnett, Jr.1804after 1870
Richardson, Samuel1808