Davenport, Thomas

Birth Name Davenport, Thomas
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 55 years


curious reference spells his name as Deavenport, from "Reliques of the Rives"
"Joseph Rives apparently resided throughout his life in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co, VA, where he was born December 5, 1732. On July 26, 1763, "Joseph Reeves and Thomas Deavenport with the freeholders of their precincts" were ordered "to procession from James Baugh's path between Black Water and Second Swamp and Munk's Neck Road."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1705 Prince George Co, VA    
Death after 1760      
Event Note

" 2 Aug 1755 At a Vestry held at the Glebe for Bristol
parish...ordered that the persons following be Appointed to procession the lands in this parish in their Several precincts as Followeth: That Thomas Davenport and Dan Sturdivant with the Freeholders of their precinct procession from James Baughams path Between Black Water and Second Swanp to Monks Neck Road.
==> Confirms the presence of Thomas Davenport in the same area of James Davenport. Presence noted for the last time circa 1760. PG Land Records, Weisinger, 1733-1792"


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Davenport, Georgeabout 16801739
Mother Marks, Mary
         Davenport, Thomas about 1705 after 1760
    Brother     Davenport, George Jr before 1723 between 1773-09-02 and 1774-02-23


Family of Davenport, Thomas


wife unknown. she is probably related to Davenport neighbors and associates near "The Second Swamp", Martins Brandon Parish, Prince George Co, VA:
Robertson/Robinson, Rives/Reeves, Johnson/Johnston, Daniel's, Sturdivant, Kirkland, Haddon...

John Scott Davenport noted, "on 25 June 1749 at Amelia, VA.5 DEED: Rork Baird, wife Elizabeth, of Prince George County, to George Davenport, of Amelia County, for £45, 230 acres and plantation and orchard on Deep Creek in Nottway Parish, Amelia County, adjoining James Wortham, the Indian branch, Joseph Gray, and George Tucker... /s/ Rork Baird, Elizabeth Baird. Wit: Adam Heath, James Fletcher, Thomas Davenport, Richard Hobbs. (Amelia County, VA, Deeds 3:327)
--> Witness Thomas Davenport was most likely George's eldest brother, heir-at-law and administrator of the Estate of George Davenport, late of Prince George County, Decd. The only other Davenports in nearby counties were Pamunkeys, and they did not use the given name George until the 1790s. Witnesses Adam Heath and Thomas Heath (previous item) were possibly related to William Heath, who had been one of the appraisers of the Estate of George Davenport, late of Prince George County, Decd., in1739. Certainly the frequency of the Davenport-Heath interface over decades reflected some degree of in-law relationship."

Name Birth Date Death Date
Davenport, David1810
Davenport, Edward?about 1730after 1773
Davenport, Jamesbefore 1734after 1789