Richey, Gideon

Birth Name Richey, Gideon
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 43 years


Appear to be 2 contemporary Gideon Ri(t)chey's; 1 was a lawyer in Bedford Co, PA and the other a farmer in Washington Co, NC/TN-> Greene Co, NC/TN.

The PA Gideon:
In Colerain Township, Bedford Co, PA 1772:

Aug. 26, 1774. Deed. Edward Sharp of Colerain two., Bedford Co., to Gideon Ritchey of the same place. An improvement made by Sharp in Friends Cove.
(Source: Bedford County Deed Book B, Register and Recorders Office, Bedford Co. Courthouse, p. 28.)

Esquire, appointed Justice of the Peace in Bedford Co, 1776:

"Mr. Gideon RICHEY informed me he had obtained judgement of Court for 39 pounds Pennsylvania money & paid me $31 in part at that time, & I allow the said debt of Richey & the sum of money which James MONTGOMERY borrowed of me, which was lodged in the hands of William Hutton, equally divided amongst all my children"

agent in Bedford Co, PA 1782-1788. sold estate Harry Gordon to James Wood of Cumberland Co, PA.
also a lawyer for Orphans Court there.
(note some German Ritchie's settled in Bedford Co, PA. Henry Ritchie had a son Gideon)

Capt. Gideon Ritchey of 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, Revolutionary War Militia from Bedford Co, PA

The TN Gideon: (much more likely)
"Gideon Ritchey who deeded land to her husband Robert Blackburn in the mid-1700's in Frederick Co. VA. before the Blackburns moved down to what is now Washington Co. TN"

Conveyance JOHN GARRETT to Daniel Hill 15 April 1794' 1 Feb 1794, 80 acres 40.00, adj. to GIDEON RICHEY
from the State of NC and conveyed from Richey to ANDREW BLACKBURN and from Blackburn to Garrett.

Originally in Washington Co, NC became Greene Co in 1783. Gideon Richie was an assessor for the 2nd district:

on the 1783 Greene Co, TN Tax List with Thomas Richey (nephew)

Gideon Ritchey in Greene Co, TN 1786:
(note includes Abednego Inman and Robert Blackburn)

"[Gideon Blackburn] had a maternal uncle called Gideon Richie, who, seeing the poverty of his parents and the aptitude of their son, determined to educate him, though he himself lived by manual labor."

Moved to Dandridge with Gideon Blackburn in 1790:
where "he secured a military grant on the Nolichucky River"
from "The Benjamin Blackburn Family" by W.A. Challacombe on


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1747 Virginia, USA    
Death after 1790 Greene or Jefferson Co, TN    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Richey, James?1724-07-251808-08-12
Mother Caldwell?, Margaret?
    Brother     Richey, Robert between 1740 and 1750 before 1811-08-08
    Sister     Richey, Margaret about 1740
    Brother     Richey, William 1744
         Richey, Gideon about 1747 after 1790
    Brother     Richey, John about 1750
    Sister     Richey, Mary 1757-11-16 1836-06-23