Boarman, Sarah

Birth Name Boarman, Sarah
Gender female
Age at Death about 29 years


BOARMAN, William, 32, age 8 April 1742; CHLR 1741-1743 39:383. Age 45, 26 July 1755, mentioned two sisters Mrs. Mudd and Mrs. Green [not necessarily his own. RWB] CHLR 49:389.
LAMA(I)STRE, Richard, age 58, 14 Oct. 1728; CHLR Q#2:95. Age 60, 14 June 1732, son of Ab'm Lamastre; CHLR R#2, 1731-1745 37:157. Age 61, 13 Apr 1731, mentioned property of his father, Mr. Mudd, and Mr. Robert Green; CHLR R#2, 1731-1745 37:42.
MARTEN, John, age 33, 6 June 1726; son of Michael Marten; CHLR P#2 35:392. Age 62, 26 July 1755; mentioned two sisters, Mrs. Mudd and Mrs. Green; CHLR E#3 49:389. As John Marten, Sr, age 61, 20 Aug. 1753; CHLR D#3 48:151+.
NALLY, William, age 43, 14 May 1752; CHLR B#3 1752-1753 47:355. Age 48, mentioned dividing line between two sisters, Mrs. MUDD and Mrs. GREEN; CHLR E#3 1755-1756 49:388.

p. 145, Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume II
Liber S, Page 110
24 Apr 1693; Deposition of Willliam Williams, age 53; for purpose of conveyance of land from Thomas Mudd to John Saunders in right of his (Thomas Mudd's) wife Sarah, d/o Maj. William Boarman: In 1673 deponent was a tenant to Major, then Capt. Wm. Boarman on his tract of land where Thomas Mudd now dwells; deponent was retainer of Boarman for 18 years more or less prior to that date; he heard Boarman say that 400 acres of the 800 acres in the patent went to his dau. Sarah in marriage to Mr. Joseph Piles; the match was broken by disagreement of parents of Mr. Piles; then a match was proposed between Dr. Thomas Matthews of Portobacco and his eldest son Thomas Matthews and Sarah; when deponent returned from 5-6 months in England, Sarah and Thomas were living on land where Thomas Mudd now lives; deponent asked how Capt. Boarman "would do by ye son George to whom you have promised this land now given your daughter;" Boarman replied other provision had been made for George..; /s/ Wm. Williams; wit. James Smallwood

Charles County Land Records, Volume III, p. 47
Liber Z, Page 127
Recorded at request of Thomas Jameson:
30 Sep 1703; Indenture Quadrupartite from Thomas Mudd, Gent, of the first part; John Sanders, Gent, and Sarah his wife, of the second part; Thomas Simpson, Gent, and Mary his wife of the third part; Thomas Jameson of the fourth part; to end a Chancery suit concerning a tract of land given by Wm. Boreman, Gent, [by deed of gift 5 Aug 1678] to his dau. Sarah Mudd, mother of Thomas Mudd, to Sarah Matthews for her life and Sarah Saunders and Mary Simpson, co-heirs of Sarah Mudd by her former husband Thomas Matthews, dec'd; [for details see 7 pages of document]; /s/ Tho. Mudd, Jno. Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Thomas Sympson, Mary Sympson (mark); wit. Wm. Barton, Samll. Hansen, Benj. Hall, Philip Briscoe; ack. 30 Sep 1703 by Thomas Mudd, Jno. Sanders and Sarah his wife, and Tho. Symson and Mary his wife to Thomas Jameson who paid alienation 10 Jul 1704


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1656 Charles, MD    
Death about 1685 Charles, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, William, Maj.1627before 1709-06-17
Mother Linley, Sarah1635about 1669
    Brother     Boarman, William 1654 before 1720-05-23
         Boarman, Sarah 1656 about 1685
    Brother     Boarman, George about 1658
    Sister     Boarman, Mary 1660 before 1716-07-07
    Brother     Boarman, Benjamin about 1665


Family of Boarman, Sarah

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1672      

Family of Boarman, Sarah

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1678-08-01 Charles, MD   1


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