Boarman, Mary 1 2

Birth Name Boarman, Mary
Gender female
Age at Death less than 56 years, 6 months, 6 days


p. 69, TLC Genealogy, St. Mary's County, Maryland, Rent Rolls, 1639-1771
Guythers Purchase. Surveyed Aug 2, 1705 for Wm. Guyther, beg; at a bd white oak standing in the race bra: and to the Northward of a tract of land called St. Maries Freehold. Mary Green from Wm Gwyther & wife Barbara, Sep 7, 1708.
Included in other surveys

Green, Mary (widow), St Mary's Co., 12th May, 1716; -- --- ----;
To sons Thos. and James and hrs., "Guyther's Purchase" as now divided, between them. Should sd. sons die without issue, their share to pass to their widows during widowhood, then to grandson Thos. Squires and hrs. Should he die without issue, to next hr. of dau. Squires.
" dau. Sarah Squires, personalty; she to enjoy part of the tract belonging to son James. Jno. Squires to have liberty to clear and plant same at his wife's pleasure.
" Jane Campbell, personalty.
" grandson Thos. Squires, personalty at age of 18.
Ex.: Son James.
Test: Danll. Clocker, Alice Clocker, Jno. Baker. 14. 229.

Mary Greene (widow) 37A.162 I SM £10.15.0 Jul 7 1716
Appraisers: John Baker, Daniell Clocker.
Creditors: none.
Next of kin: Thomas Green, John Squiers.

Mary Greene 1.36 A SM £10.15.4 £6.12.0 Jul 4 1718
Payments to: Mr. Cheseldyne & Capt. Jenifer.
Executor: James Greene.

BOARMAN, William, age 32, 8 April 1742; CHLR 1741-1743 39:383. Age 45, 26 July 1755, mentioned two sisters Mrs. Mudd and Mrs. Green [not necessarily his own. RWB] CHLR 49:389.
LAMA(I)STRE, Richard, age 58, 14 Oct. 1728; CHLR Q#2:95. Age 60, 14 June 1732, son of Ab'm Lamastre; CHLR R#2, 1731-1745 37:157. Age 61, 13 Apr 1731, mentioned property of his father, Mr. Mudd, and Mr. Robert Green; CHLR R#2, 1731-1745 37:42.
MARTEN, John, age 33, 6 June 1726; son of Michael Marten; CHLR P#2 35:392. Age 62, 26 July 1755; mentioned two sisters, Mrs. Mudd and Mrs. Green; CHLR E#3 49:389. As John Marten, Sr, age 61, 20 Aug. 1753; CHLR D#3 48:151+.
NALLY, William, age 43, 14 May 1752; CHLR B#3 1752-1753 47:355. Age 48, mentioned dividing line between two sisters, Mrs. MUDD and Mrs. GREEN; CHLR E#3 1755-1756 49:388.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1660 St Mary’s County, MD    
Death before 1716-07-07 St Mary’s County, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boarman, William, Maj.1627before 1709-06-17
Mother Linley, Sarah1635about 1669
    Brother     Boarman, William 1654 before 1720-05-23
    Sister     Boarman, Sarah 1656 about 1685
    Brother     Boarman, George about 1658
         Boarman, Mary 1660 before 1716-07-07
    Brother     Boarman, Benjamin about 1665


Family of Green, Robert and Boarman, Mary

Married Husband Green, Robert ( * about 1646 + before 1716-05-12 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1679 St Mary’s County, MD   1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Green, James Francisfrom 1657 to 1659before 1734/5-02-17 (Julian)
Green, Mary1681
Green, Thomas1683before 1760-03-12
Green, Sarah16851734
Green, Elizabethabout 1686before 1718-05-19
Green, James1688before 1721-06-10
Green, Robert1690before 1749/50-01-12 (Julian)
Green, Jane1692
Green, William1694-12-28
Green, Anneabout 1696


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