Gage, Amos Barnum

Birth Name Gage, Amos Barnum
Gender male


Note on genforum: "My name is Barb (Hays) Clayton and I am married to Olin Dale Clayton, son of Dale and Lavonne (Armentrout) Clayton. Dale Clayton is the son of Charles Leo and Suavilla Isadora (Hulbert) Clayton. Suavilla was the daughter of Warren and Lulu (Gage) Hulbert. Lulu Gage was the daughter of William Montgomery and Mary Melissa (Sides) Gage. All of these Gages are buried and or living in Montgomery County, Il. Now, William Montgomery Gage was the son of Amos Barnum and Susan (Fonda) Gage. Susan is descendant of Jellis Douwese Fonda of Amsterdam, Holland, from which the late actor Henry Fonda also descends. Amos Barnum Gage was the son of William and Salome (Noble) Gage. Noble Genealogy available through Higginson Book Company Salem, Mass. William Gage was the son of Walter and Phoebe (Roberts) Gage, who served in the Rev. War, under Captains Calkins and Ormsby. I own a copy of his military records and they are also on file at the Vermont State Archives in Montpelier, Vt. They sent me a ton of records on this family and didn't charge me a dime. Walter Gage was the son of Captain William Montgomery Gage and his wife Mercy Huddleston. I believe they were Quakers and data found at the NGS Library on the Huddleston family. Capt Gage was son of William and Hannah (Davis) Gage, data on file with the NGS Library on Davis Genealogy. My husband, son and daughter are members of the DAR/SAR through Captain Gage. Need however to find proof that Walter was Capt Gage's son to register Walter as a supplemental. Would be happy to share what data I own. Also through Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you can order microfilm history of the Gage Family by Clyde Gage. Those are the main sources I am aware of."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1821-04-04 Vermont, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gage, William Montgomery1780-08-151856-10-01
Mother Noble, Salome1825-04-09
    Sister     Gage, Deidamia 1805-11-01
    Sister     Gage, Chrislor J 1807-11-02
    Sister     Gage, Harriet N 1809-03-30
    Sister     Gage, Juliann N. 1810-12-15
    Brother     Gage, Horace L 1813-01-19
    Brother     Gage, Horatio G 1815-07-18
    Brother     Gage, James H 1817-06-30
    Brother     Gage, Whitney C 1819-03-24
         Gage, Amos Barnum 1821-04-04