Jarboe, Mary 1 2

Birth Name Jarboe, Mary
Gender female
Age at Death less than about 76 years, 11 months, 16 days


4/18/1709 Inherited from her father 50 acres.

Edward Rookwood calls his daughter "Mary Sanders" in his will written 13th Feb, 1717. Mary Jarboe is the wife of John Sanders by the Apr 7 1711 account of her husband's (William Boarman's) estate, therefore, for both John Sanders to be the same person, Mary Jarboe would have had to be a second wife of John Sanders and Mary Jarboe would have had to die by 1717 so that John could marry Mary Rookwood as a third wife. As shown in Mary Jarboe Sanders' will naming her Boarman children, Mary Jarboe Sanders is still Sanders at death, her will being written 12th March 1739. One Mary Sanders supposedly outlived John Sanders and married James O'Caine--but I haven't been able to verify that--others give him as a husband between William Boarman and John Sanders.

Sanders, Mary, Charles Co., 12th March 1739; 17th Dec., 1739.
To sons Benedict, John Baptist and Francis Boarman, exs., personal estate.
" daus. Mary Sly, Elizabeth Hamosly and Clare Shirbin, personalty.
" priest that buries testator and the poor, personalty.
Test: Nathan Rosemand, Thomas Ash. 22. 119.

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin; Winter 1984 Vol 25 No 2; Charles County, MD: Probate Records and Inventories Part I 1673-1753; [The first number is the page or folio number for the beginning of the document (spelling is as read) (the date is that of the Inventory) Charles County Maryland Probate Records, Inventories, Book 1735-1752
137 Mary Sanders-21 Dec 1739-Leonard Boarman, Richard Boarman nearest of kin-Bened(t) Leonard Boarman, John Baptist Boarman & Francis Ignatius Boarman Execs

Mrs. Mary Sanders 25.416 CH £181.5.2 Dec 21 1739 Apr 1 1741
Appraisers: Peter Wood, Francis Parnham.
Creditors: Samuel Chunn, John Winter.
Next of kin: Leonard Borman, Richard Borman.
Executors: Benedict Leonard Boarman, John Baptist Boarman, Francis Ignatius Boarman.

Mary Sanders 18.322 A CH £181.5.2 £3.6.9 Sep 1 1741
Sureties: Richard Eldelin, Thomas Ash.
Payments to: Dr. Parnham, Peter Wood, Walter Hanson.
Administrators/Executors: Benedict Leonard Boarman, Francis Ignatious Boarman, John Baptist Boarman.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1663 St Mary’s County, MD    
Death before 1739-12-17 Charles, MD    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
         Jarboe, Mary about 1663 before 1739-12-17


Family of Boarman, William, Maj. and Jarboe, Mary

Married Husband Boarman, William, Maj. ( * 1627 + before 1709-06-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1686 MD    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Boarman, Elizabethabout 1686about 1742
Boarman, Benedict Leonard1687before 1757-03-11
Boarman, Maryabout 1690before 1744/5-03-07 (Julian)
Boarman, Clareabout 1694before 1747-05-06
Boarman, Eleanorbefore 1695
Boarman, John Baptist16981750-06-04
Boarman, Francis Ignatiusabout 1702before 1743/4-03-15 (Julian)

Family of Jarboe, Mary

Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage before 1711-04-07     2


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